4. Obi-Wan's Underwear


When Obi-Wan enacts his brilliant plan to get murdered by Darth Vader so that he can become an advice-giving ghost, the only remains he leaves behind are his robes. And maybe his underpants, which would have to be super-gross and smelly, since water was extremely scarce on Tatooine, especially for hermits living in huts in the middle of nowhere, so the odds of them being regularly washed are slim to nil.



5. Leia's Dad Leaves Her Alone With a Floating Torture Droid And No One Ever Mentions It Again


Remember the floating torture-orb robot that Vader brings into Leia's cell? It's got a syringe and a bunch of weird instruments that are either for mixing cake batter or REALLY fucking up a human being. Odds are it tortured the shit out of Leia - yet nothing is ever heard or seen of it again. Leia doesn't mention it AND she has no visible signs of being brutalized by anything or anyone - heck, her HAIR isn't even out of place. So what the hell happened with that bot? Did it just fuck her up in areas that were covered in clothing (which, granted, is MOST of her)?

SOMETHING had to have happened with that torture droid - maybe it even did hurt her badly, but whatever was in the syringe made her forget and hence not have any thoughts about it later? According to Wookieepedia, it did her no actual physical harm (although there's no way to know this from the canonical films), yet caused her "unbearable pain."

Oh yeah, also it was Darth Vader who tortured his daughter a bunch. I guess he technically didn't know it was his daughter, but COME ON - he SHOULD have noticed she was Force-sensitive and had some inkling that maybe not to go nuts on her with a torture-bot. Really, don't use torture-bots on anyone. Dude, you can choke people with MAGIC - isn't that a little more threatening and reasonable than using a robot with a pain-needle?

Speaking of...


6. Vader Chokes A Rebel At the Beginning of the Movie WITH HIS HANDS


Dude we know you can choke people without having to even touch them. Why not do that always? You have MAGIC POWERS, USE THEM.

So fucked up.