Not every hero can be an instantly recognizable icon like Superman. Some are forced into obscurity, only attracting a small group of hardcore fans. Yet others are reduced to comic relief, forever fated to be the 'funny guy not meant to be taken seriously' of their respective groups. And even they are lucky compared to those considered by most to be utter, useless garbage. Here are 6 more heroes deserving more attention and respect.


1. Lt. Mitch Kellaway


Note: I could only include a picture of the more humorous movie version, for which I apologize.

A hardened officer of the law from Edge City, Lt. Kellaway's life changed forever after Stanley Ipkiss found a mysterious jade mask in an antiques shop. The mask turned Ipkiss into an invincible maniac called Big Head, and went on a rampage in the city. When Stanley's girlfriend, Kathy, shot him upon him removing the mask, she left the mask at Kellaway for safekeeping. However, the temptation of using the unlimited power of Big Head to fight crime was too strong, and as such, Big Head returned.

Eventually, the lieutenant's will proved strong enough to resist the power, and upon realizing what a monster he became, he stopped using it for good. Ever since, he's been protecting the mask to make sure it doesn't fall into wrong hands, while vigilantly protecting peace in Edge City.

Kellaway is an exceptional police officer who is up against a magic item of unlimited power, the mob, and an unkillable behemoth with only his wit to help him. In a Dark Horse/DC crossover, the mask was acquired by The Joker, making Kellaway go to Gotham City to assist Batman and Commissioner Gordon. After the three saved the day, Batman gave the mask to Kellaway, who buried it next to Stanley Ipkiss's corpse, guarding it ever since.

It's really unfortunate for him that The Mask became a light-hearted, kid-friendly franchise since the Jim Carrey movie of the same name. In both the movie and the animated series, Kellaway was portrayed as a stereotypical dumb cop/comic relief, instead of the iron-willed badass he actually is in the source material.


2. The Flaming Carrot


UT! The Flaming Carrot is one of the most amazingly dumb (and amazing) superheroes of all time. After a citizen of Palookaville read 5,000 comic books in a single sitting to win a bet, he suffered permanent brain damage, becoming a superhero. Since he has no superpowers besides his insanity (or, more accurately, Zen Stupidity) and dumb luck, he has to rely on his trusty Utility Belt to win his battles. Just like Bizarro Batman, his belt includes seemingly useless items like playing cards and rubber bands. Unlike Bizarro Batman, however, he uses these items with surprising efficiency. In the hands of The Flaming Carrot, anything could be a deadly weapon. He can't fly or run real fast, so he gets around on his Nuclear powered Pogo Stick, which is among the most surprisingly amazing word combinations ever.

Despite the laughable name and costume, The Carrot is not to be underestimated. During his superhero career, he defeated at least 3 alien invasion forces, the Communists, Death itself, and a clone army of Hitler's... boots, among other threats.

This superhero is evidence that you don't have to be dark, gritty, realistic, well-known or even sane to be truly amazing. After five Spider-Man movies, seven Batman movies and 6 Superman movies, when can I ever see this guy on the big screen? Honestly, I'd settle for a hilarious animated series. But there should be something. The world needs to know...THE FLAMING CARROT.


3. Detective Harvey Bullock


James Gordon isn't the only GCPD police officer worthy of mention. Detective Bullock is a pudgy, overweight, at times seemingly crooked cop who is, by the way, damn fine at his job. He is a weird mix between the 'loose cannon who gets the job done' and the 'doughnut chomping fatso' cop stereotypes. He has a one-sided rivalry with Batman, constantly doing his best to one-up him to earn Gordon's good graces.  

An exceptional hand-to-hand combatant (especially for a guy his build) and a damn fine detective, he is often capable of keeping up with the Dark Knight, finding and analyzing clues without expensive, space-age gadgets, and a Batcomputer, which he somehow knows about. He can also be an intimidating figure when he needs to be, getting the information he needs out of hardened criminals who are used to fighting, you know, a giant bat. Perhaps his greatest feat ever is saving Commissioner Gordon's life and together stopping The Joker from blowing up Gotham City... without Batman's help.

Despite all the crazy and dangerous supercriminals all over Gotham, Bullock is fearless on the job, upholding the authority of the badge with the power of the gun. He shares a mutual grudging respect with Batman, and he is deeply loyal to Gordon and the GCPD.

While maintaining a tough, bad cop image, he does have a softer side. He cares for two cats, one of which has cancer. He also regularly keeps in touch with his mother and he somewhat bonded with Robin, since both of them are movie buffs. He is the dark symbol of police brutality while still managing to be a pretty decent guy. Policemen are rarely interesting and engaging next to costumed crime fighters, but Bullock is the down-to-earth hero Gotham needs and deserves.