5. Signal Yankee Bravo and Signal Oscar Zulu


Throughout the Capital Wasteland, you can find radio towers littering the rubble. Turn them on, and you typically intercept a some kind of generic message in Morse code, leading to a bunker or hideout of some sorts with supplies. There are two exceptions to this rule however, and are both tragic and horrifying in their own right.

The broadcast signal for Oscar Zulu is found northeast of the Temple of the Union. Flipping the switch, you expect to hear more indecipherable code, but instead begin listening to a father desperately beg for medical aid for his critically injured son. Upon finding the drainage entrance mentioned in the message, you discover the skeletons of two adults, lots of medical supplies, but no child. Perhaps in his injured state, he blindly wandered into the newly minted wasteland, never to be seen again.

The second of the two is a bit more jarring. When activating the tower for Signal Yankee Bravo (just south of Canterbury Commons), one is greeted with the sound of heavy, gurgled breathing. This will almost certainly startle you, and upon following the signal to its source, you find a drainage chamber with several ghouls clustered around a Ham radio. This leads to the horrifying conclusion that the inhabitants of the sewer must have mutated into the mindless zombies while still trying to call for help.

That's a mind-blowing amount of nihilistic despair for a triple-A major game release.