Even for a game about the grim and terrifying world of post-apocalyptic Washington DC that's been taken over by bandits, feral radioactive zombies, and an insane fascist government, Fallout 3 is a creepy game that's packed to the gills with weird and unsettling things. So many things, that the game developers didn't even bother to mark a lot of the things that are the MOST creepy. These are 10 of the creepiest unmarked things in the Capital Wasteland.


1. McClellan Family Townhome


An unmarked location in Downtown DC, the house belonged to the McClellans, comprised of the parents, two children (a baby and an older boy), the family dog Muffy, and the family's Mr. Handy. We only know what happened to three of these family members: the boy's remains lie in his bed, the dog died in the backyard, and the robot remains in its place, albeit unused in a great while. If activated, Mr Handy can be ordered to read a bedtime story to the child, in which case he floats into the bedroom and begins reciting "There Will Come Soft Rains" to the skeleton of the child - a 1920 poem about Mother Nature retaking the Earth after humanity has wiped itself out through violence and war...and which was prominently featured in a short story of the same name by Ray Bradbury, which featured an automated, computerized house going about its daily chores, unaware that its inhabitants had been incinerated by a nuclear explosion.

If told to walk the dog, Mr Handy will approach the skeleton of Muffy and attempt to prop it up in order to walk it. The sight is both sad and yet tremendously disturbing. Interestingly, the only living thing in the Bradbury story is a wild dog (changed to the family's dog in some versions), which had been dying gradually of radiation poisoning and was making its way back to the house. Once it arrived, it died - and its corpse was cleaned up by the house, as if it were any other kind of common trash.

In other words, poor Muffy.