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I was playing Nazi zombies with some friends on black ops on kino der toten and it was about round 20. We were backing up a flight of stairs all grouped together and there were tons of zombies just down the stairs. One of my friends then proceeded to say "I ALWAYS WANTED TO BE CARRIED LIKE A ROCK STAR!" and he jumped down the flight of stairs on top of all the zombies. Everyone died that round from too much laughing.-Ryan K.
Me and a friend were playing COD4 and a little kid who was probably 10 on our team would say "you're a little bitch" every time he would die. Eventually my friend asked him where he heard that from and he replied with "That's what my dad says to my mom" in a little whiny voice. -Andy
I was playing MW2 with my friend when I called in an Attack Helicopter. Me: Attack Helicopter! I choose you!Friend: A wild helicopter appears.Me: Attack Helicopter, use Big Ass Machinegun!Friend: It's super effective!Then the enemy shot my helicopter down.Me: Attack Helicopter has fainted.-Corey
Playing MW2"This map is a piece of Gonorrhea." -Lauren

A few of my friends and I were chatting on Vent while playing WoW while my mom was in the kitchen behind me. After a long discussion of our appreciation of women and their bodily goods, my best friend Ryan says into the mic, "I'd like to see Nick's mom in bed!" Thank God everything comes out through the computer's speakers, because the next thing anybody heard was a minute of laughter from me followed by my mom saying, "Wow, Ryan, I didn't know you felt that way about me." The poor guy was too embarrassed to come over for two months.-Nicky S.
I was playing Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, on Manhunt. Which involves one team trying to pick out and kill the other team from a crowd. One person on my team was attempting to shoot the other team from rooftops but kept killing the wrong people and giving the other team points. In response to this another person on my team said that he was "like the Washington Sniper, but gayer."-Russ
I was the guy who kept saying "Oh yeah I'm taking it in the ass," or "you just raped me," whenever I kill people (from Issue 27). In case you're wondering, I do it to confuse people.-Harry F.