In videogames, a villain's plan doesn't have to be overly-complicated all that often - kidnap a princess, try to take over the world, try to steal gems from a blue hedgehog, etc. You can keep things simple and still be an imposing and reasonably intelligent figure. But sometimes villains have plans that are so complicated and stupid, you have no idea what they were thinking to begin with. These are 7 of those dumb plans.


1. Albert Wesker Fakes His Own Death...BY DYING (Resident Evil)


The Plan: A routine rescue mission turns into a fight for survival as members of the well-trained Special Tactics And Rescue Squad (S.T.A.R.S.) discover nightmarish monsters (N.M.) in a spooky mansion (S.M.). Turns out the pharmaceutical giant Umbrella secretly developed biological weapons and S.T.A.R.S. were chosen as test subjects. To their horror, the survivors learn that their leader, Captain Albert Wesker, was with the bad guys all along. Unbeknownst to them, however, he is also about to betray Umbrella to follow his own agenda. He needed to fool all his enemies. He needed to... disappear somehow. Faking his death was the only way.

The Dumbness: Wesker sure knows a thing about making a 'fake' death look authentic, since he actually got himself killed on purpose.


"My brilliant plan is going well so far."

Knowing the Tyrant would kill on sight as soon as it awakens, Wesker stood dangerously close to the holding tank and got a hole in his chest for his trouble. But to his credit, he had an ace up his sleeve: his co-worker William Birkin developed a virus that may or may not be able to bring back people from death. Maybe. That's not much of a plan. That's like getting a shitty hand and going all-in anyway, except you're betting with your life and the other guy's hand is a full house. To Wesker's knowledge, it was never tested on humans (it actually was used on all the other 'Wesker children' - with horrible survival rates). Also, Umbrella's track record on viral agents isn't exactly a guarantee for anything. What if the virus didn't work? Best case scenario, he stays dead. Worst case scenario? Becoming a zombie, or something like G from RE 2. Also, the Tyrant not hitting any vital organ is a goddamn miracle. Also, that hole could have easily been in his head instead of his chest. Also, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING, DUDE?

The Outcome: Not only did the virus work, it also gave Wesker Matrix-like superpowers. Now, with everyone thinking he is dead, he was finally free to manipulate the events from the shadows. But it was dumb luck that made this possible, Wesker. And luck only takes a man so far...

2. Kessler Made Everything Infinitely Worse - With the Best Intentions (inFAMOUS)



The Plan: Kessler (formerly known as Cole McGrath) had the power and opportunity to save the world from The Beast, but he chose not to fight. This decision ruined the world, and he was driven mad with guilt. Making a one-way trip to the past through unknown means, he decides to make his younger self the hero he failed to be... by any means necessary.

The Dumbness: Not only did his actions cause unnecessary pain to present-day Cole (like the death of Trish and all that about making him look like a terrorist), he also made everything worse by messing with the timeline. The Ray Sphere caused almost as much destruction as The Beast ever could. Sure, it made Cole's powers manifest sooner, but it also made The Beast appear sooner, so there's that. It also killed a huge amount of people instantly, and caused a plague that started killing the rest. Also, raising an army to hunt your younger self is a really lousy way to mentor him and an even worse way to make him see things your way. He could have been Obi-Wan Kenobi to Cole's Luke Skywalker and help him in the first few steps to become a hero. Instead, he ruined a city, killed millions of people and made his younger self bitter... for the greater good?

The Outcome: The Ray Field Plague, caused by the Ray Sphere, kept on spreading, threatening the entire human race. The only way to save them was sacrificing all the conduits, so either way, plenty of innocent people died. If it were anyone else, this would be considered a huge success, but Kessler is a 'tragic villain' with good intentions, so it can only be described as a colossal failure.


"Ever been called an idiot?"


3. Loghain Causes Pain, Misery, and Death...Out of Patriotism (Dragon Age: Origins)


The Plan: Famed war hero and ally to the late King Maric, Teryn Loghain is not impressed with the young King Cailan. Not only is he allying himself with the Orlesians, who were invading Ferelden for 70 years, but also the Grey Wardens, an order he feels are untrustworthy and somewhat overrated. Clearly, these new allies will heavily influence the country's policies, and eventually, they may be a threat. Cailan is simply not strong a king enough to handle the darkspawn threat while simultaneously watching his back. Stronger leadership is needed. His leadership. With him calling the shots, Ferelden will triumph!

The Dumbness: First, I hope the irony of him committing treachery to prevent treachery did not escape him. But, simply put, the patriot Loghain let thousands of well-trained Fereldan soldiers die because of some trust issues.


"Your girly haircut is a sign of a weak king, Calian."

This is already quite a tragedy, but unfortunately, it only went downhill from there. See, The Battle of Ostagar not only killed the king and his personal troops, but also most of the Grey Wardens. That wouldn't be that big a problem, except for one minor detail: only they can stop the Blight. This is not something that's up to personal opinion, that's a historical fact. They are the only ones physically capable of doing it. Also, there's this matter with the obvious treachery. His supporters and the 'getting the king killed was not cool' group started fighting each other, resulting in a civil war, while the darkspawn kept up their killing and corrupting, unopposed.

But there is still hope! Two Wardens survived Ostagar! And with treaties enforcing organizations to provide support during a Blight! Clearly the best way to handle the situation is trying to make an alliance with them, apologizing for all that treachery bullshit and work together toward a solution. Or call hits on them, that works too...

The Outcome: Despite all of Loghain's efforts, the Wardens not only survived, but gathered an army, stopped his quest for power, and then did his job for him by saving Ferelden. How did this country ever manage without you, Loghain?


4. Wesker Sucks at Evac (Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles)


The Plan: Raccoon City was hit with a bad case of T-Virus outbreak, resulting in most of the populace becoming flesh-eating zombies. Exploiting the confusion, the supposedly dead mastermind Albert Wesker sent agent Ada Wong into the city to retrieve a sample of William Birkin's new G-Virus. While her attempt was successful, she got stuck in the city with no way out. Fortunately, Wesker planned for everything...

The Dumbness: So what did the genius come up with? A helicopter stashed nearby? An armored SUV, perhaps? A secret passage only Wesker knows?

How about a simple hookshot? Yeah, take it or leave it, missy! I can only wonder what the poor woman felt when she saw Wesker's 'backup plan'.



The big idea went like this: one last Umbrella helicopter is leaving town before the US government destroys the city. All Ada had to do was get to high ground, spot the helicopter, hit it with the hookshot, and stow away on it. That's a plausible plan... from a 4-year old.

Just think about all the things that could have gone wrong here. What if Ada failed to get to high ground, or if the helicopter chose a different route? What if the line was too short, or Ada was a poor shot and missed the chopper? What if the blast that destroyed the city blew her off the helicopter? What if she got eaten halfway there? Then what?!

Now, I understand Wesker didn't care about Ada's safety. His only constant character trait is being a selfish prick, nothing surprising there. He DID, however, care about the G-Virus sample. As Wesker's plan was amassing the results of all of Umbrella's research, that sample was of great importance. Far too important to come up with such a half-assed plan to save it, that is.

The Outcome: AGAINST ALL ODDS, Ada managed to pull of Wesker's insane idea and escaped Raccoon City on the helicopter. Wesker got his hands on the G-Virus sample, despite next to no effort on his part. But watch it, Wesker! You're operating on luck alone, and karma won't put up with your ways forever... On a side note, Ada betrayed Wesker in Resident Evil 4. I wonder why.