The nominations for the 2014 Emmys were announced this morning - and while many deserving shows and performances received nominations, and great number of even better ones did not. This is par for the course - the Emmys rarely gets it COMPLETELY right. Still there were 10 nominations we couldn't believe didn't make the cut.


1. Lead Actor in a Drama - Charles Dance, Game of Thrones


Charles Dance has given the performance of a lifetime in his portrayal of Tywin Lannister, the ruthless and coldly-efficient patriarch of one of the richest houses in the land, and de facto leader of the realm. We saw entirely new sides to Tywin this year, and since it seems unlikely he'll have another shot at a nomination, it was a real disappointment to see him looked over for his work.


2. Lead Actress in a Drama - Maisie Williams, Game of Thrones


Maisie Williams has completely taken over the show - a feat that would be impressive for any performer, let alone one as young as she is. The harrowing, ever-darkening journey of Arya Stark only grew more grim and nihilistic this year, and Arya played the more and more morally gray character with aplomb. If her final scene with The Hound wasn't enough to get her a nomination, what is?


3. Guest Actor in a Drama - Pedro Pascal, Game of Thrones


Although this was his first year on the show, Pedro Pascal came in with such gusto and flourish, you'd think he'd been there the entire time. It's hard to get an audience to accept a new character introduced at this point in the show - but with Pedro Pascal's brilliant performance of the vengeance-minded Dornishman, audiences completely embraced the character. Of course, that didn't work out so well - but the tragedy and magnificence of Pascal's performance deserves a nomination, if not the statue itself.


4. Outstanding Drama Series - Game of Thrones


Sure, it was technically nominated in this category already, but it should have gotten TWO nominations easily. C'mon, that Joffrey's wedding episode? Oh man, that was INSANE.


5. Guest Actress in a Comedy - Whoever Played Yara, Game of Thrones


Hahaha remember that huge, epic, rousing speech Yara gave at the end of season 3, about how she and the best Ironborn warriors were gonna go rescue Theon and all - and then she shows up at the castle, like, halfway into the season, and gets chased off by some dogs? That was hilarious! What a good joke.

For real though, that speech was epic and amazing, when's the REAL rescue of Theon gonna go down?


6. Outstanding Reality Competition - Game of Thrones, Game of Thrones


Game of Thrones is THE ULTIMATE reality competition! How can shows like Survivor and The Voice even compare? These people are competing for THE IRON THRONE OF WESTEROS. That's so much better than learning how to sing from the guy from Maroon 5.


7. Best Dragons - Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal, Game of Thrones


Frankly, I don't even know how anyone could think the dragons from Modern Family could be more awards-worthy than Daenerys' dragons. Sure, they're very funny and do some great physical comedy, but they hardly ever burn any children to death on that show.


8. Best Part Where A Bunch of People Recite an Oath Dramatically As a Giant Charges Towards Them - Grenn and the rest, Game of Thrones


To be fair, Breaking Bad getting all five noms for this category is hard to argue with. They earned it.



Have you SEEN this show?! It's like an epic fantasy film EVERY SINGLE WEEK. It juggles an insane amount of characters and plotlines and deals in subtle nuance and scheming and epic battles and good and evil and IT ALL TIES TOGETHER AS A COHESIVE WHOLE. IT'S BETTER THAN ANYTHING ELSE ON TV AND IT DESERVES EVERY SINGLE GODDAMN AWARD THERE IS.


10. Lead Actress in a Drama - Tatiana Maslany, Orphan Black


Dude, she's SO GOOD on that show (from the five minutes I saw when I torrented a mislabeled file and thought I was watching Game of Thrones).