1. Koba

    Uh, Caesar? You don't see how problematic this is?

  2. Caesar

    What? What's wrong?

  3. Koba

    We're riding horses, dude.

  4. Caesar

    Yeah, so?

  5. Koba

    So we're subjugating another species of animal, one we've deemed "lower" than us. Doesn't that sound at all familiar?

  6. Caesar

    Not really...

  7. Koba

    Remember how people used to keep apes in cages and experiment on us and use us for their own means?

  8. (pause)
  9. Caesar

    Ohhh, like how humans subjugated apes!

  10. Koba

    Yeah - and look at us now. Didn't work out so great for them. That subjugation built into a deep-seated and justified resentment in all apes, one that came to bite humanity in the ass.  Doesn't it seem like we're repeating an obviously doomed cycle?

  11. Caesar

    Haha, I'm sure that won't happen to us. Anyways, I should get back to testing this experimental brain gas for horses I've been working -

  12. (pause)
  13. Caesar





  1. Dr. Horseus

    So we take over San Francisco to defeat the apes?

  2. Cornelihorse

    Precisely - those apes thought they could use us as nothing more than transportation, well we'll show them!

  3. Dr. Horseus

    Well, I guess that works. Those apes did treat us pretty badly. My only concern is...

  4. Cornelihorse

    ...the fact that we're riding elephants into battle?

  5. Dr. Horseus

    Yeah, it just seems like the exact same thing that happened -

  6. Cornelihorse

    I know what you're gonna say, and trust me - this is a TOTALLY different scenario.

  7. Dr. Horseus

    Okay, that makes sense, I guess. Anyways, here's that experimental elephant brain gas you were asking for.

  8. Cornelihorse

    Thanks, I was looking for -

  9. (pause)
  10. Cornelihorse


  11. Dr. Horseus

    What?! What is it?!

  12. Cornelihorse

    We're in San Francisco - what if we found the Full House house and took a picture outside of it? We could caption it...

  13. (pause)
  14. Cornelihorse


  15. Dr. Horseus

    ...that is a goddamn baller idea.


  1. Elephant Dave

    Soon, we will overthrow our horse oppressors!

  2. Elephant Tom

    They seem PRETTY concerned with taking selfies in front of the house from Full House, so that shouldn't be a problem.

  3. Elephant Dave

    Hey dude, should we give this experimental brain gas to these animals we're riding?

  4. Elephant Tom

    You mean the motorcycles? No, I guess.

  5. Elephant Dave

    Smart call, dude.



  1. Elephant Dave

    Hey, wanna tear down the Statue of Liberty and freak out some astronauts?

  2. Elephant Tom

    Hell yeah, dude.

  3. Elephant Dave