Zack Danger Brown had a simple dream: to make some potato salad (his first one). To help him on his quest, he set up a Kickstarter, asking to be funded $10.

A few days later, he's at over $65,000.



Now that he's (wildly) exceed his initial goals, he's added some stretch goals, including a live-stream of making the potato salad and throwing a big potato salad party (maybe the first one ever) - and the entire internet is invited! He'll be making ALL KINDS of potato salad now - including vinegar-based ones. Gonna be the CRAZIEST potato salad party funded by the internet EVER.

There's only one real rub to all of this. As detailed under the "Risks & Challenges" section of the Kickstarter:

"It might not be that good. It's my first potato salad."


You can support this very important potato salad-related Kickstarter here.