3. Everything in Rollercoaster Tycoon? Yeah, one guy did that.


For everyone reading this who spent an evening creating roller coasters that would smash into the side of mountains at 90MPH just to see what would happen, you can thanks Chris Sawyer for those memories. No, seriously, you can thank him for every memory involved with that game because he's responsible for every single part of it. Yes, even the part where customers would comment on how the roller coaster you called "My dick" was too intense.

As revealed on Chris' gloriously retro personal website, he created the entire game using Microsoft Assembly, on his own, because he could. After which he retired for 10 years to go ride a bunch of roller coasters using the millions of dollars he earned from sales of the game. This guy is our hero.


2. Satoru Iwata ported the battle system from Pokemon Red and Green to Pokemon Stadium on his own.


Considering that the most recent image of Satoru Iwata we have is of him having a Dragon Ball - Esque fist-fight with Reggie Fils-Aimé at E3, it's easy to forget that way before he was the CEO of Nintendo of America, Iwata worked as a humble programmer for HAL Laboratory.

As detailed in this article, prior to the release of Pokémon Stadium for the N64, Iwata grabbed the source code for Pokémon Red and Green's battle system and then, without any instructions, ported it over to the N64 and got it working and localized...in less than a week. This was so unbelievably baller that even the guy who originally wrote the code was stunned. If you're wondering how the hell Iwata got away with doing this without asking anyone, it's because he was the current acting President of HAL at the time - he just decided to program the battle system for shits and giggles and knew no one could stop him. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why he's the guy in charge.

Well, also probably because he's business savvy, but this definitely didn't hurt.


1. The pistol in Halo: Combat Evolved was all thanks to one guy changing something at the last second.


Bearing in mind that the Halo franchise has spawned 5 main games, 4 spin-off titles and an entire universe of expanded content, it's really quite amusing that one the most divisive topic in the entire franchise is about how good/bad literally the first weapon you ever handle is.

For those of you who never experienced the utter bullshit that is, the M6D Personal Defense Weapon System, the weapon is infamous amongst Halo fans due to the fact it's seemingly the most powerful weapon in the entire game behind Master Chief's left hook. In 2013 (12 years after the release of the original game) it was revealed that the weapon's power and thousands of broken friendships were the result of Jason Jones (the co-founder of Bungie) sneaking in at the last second and changing a single line of code. We'd say something snarky, but we scored way too many across-the-map kills with that thing to be possibly be mad.