Pacific Rim 2 is - for real - actually getting made. It'll come out on April 7th, 2017, so mark your calendars. You're three-years-ahead-of-time calendars.

In the meantime, Pacific Rim will be getting a cartoon series, to better convince kiddies out there to watch robots punching alien-monsters in the face and using boats as baseball bats. Yes, apparently kids still need convincing that boat-bats are awesome. Sad times.

This is a miraculous moment for fans of the original - which was something of a notorious box office disappointment. But now we get a sequel - with more Charlie Day as an erratic scientist, more Jax from Sons of Anarchy being sad (when not in his giant robot punching monsters) and more Mako Mori overcoming her fears.

But since we have to wait THREE WHOLE YEARS for this movie, let's spend some time trying to come up with a title for the sequel:

  • Pacific Rim 2: Atlantic Rim

  • Pacific Rim 2: Re-Cancel the Apocalypse

  • Pacific Rim 2: The Revenge of Stacker Pentecost, Which is the Actual Name of a Character In The First Movie

  • Pacific Rim 2 Into Darkness

  • Pacific Rim 2: The Squeak-quel