This is another commercial from more recent times that deserves props. "Weird" and "random" are so in fashion these days that I'm surprised Smokey The Bear hasn't referred to forest fires as an "epic fail" while doing a barrel roll and listening to Rick Astley on his iSpork. Fortunately, Sony's charming Kevin Butler manages to pull off that combination of weirdness, edginess, and actual humor that so many people seem to get wrong in the internet age.


I tried to keep this list restricted to American commercials, but I had to include this Australian NES commercial, because it is literally the scariest thing I have ever seen. If I had seen this when I was a kid, I would have been irreparably changed. After watching it, one has so many questions. Is the Duck Hunt Dog an enemy? Who is that duck? What does that man have against me, and why is he wearing a tie?


Mortal Kombat was one of the most popular games of the 90's. Like any popular thing in the 90's, it had its own catch phrase, which people would yell in the streets, and still yell to this day. Fortunately, the catch phrase was also the same as the title. This, ladies and gentlemen, is how you get kids to remember the name of your product (suck it, Killer Instinct).


Though there have been a lot of truly bad Zelda commercials through the ages, in the end, I had to pick this commercial from the very first Zelda for NES. In it, a guy who's halfway between Art Garfunkle and Steve Brule does his best to make sure people wanted nothing to do with this game. Fortunately, he failed and the game became a hit, but this commercial serves a stark reminder of why people thought video games were for kids for so long.


Talking trash on the competition was standard business practice in the 90's, and Sony wasn't about to get left out on all the fun. The difference, however, was that Crash Bandicoot actually said it to their face instead of hiding behind a TV screen like a little bitch. These classic commercials featuring a guy in a crash suit yelling were an instant success, helping to make Crash Bandicoot a very popular series, one that would go on to enchant generations of gamers (for about 4 years).