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I was  playing Halo 3 and my friend came into my dormroom stating he can't study and asked if I could help. I said sure and handed him the microphone. The next 3 games he proceeded to clearly read aloud the Native American history textbook. Halfway through game 3 one person asked "How are you able to play while reading that?" to which my friend calmly replied without hesitation "Please hold all questions to the end of lecture."-Michael
When Halo 2 first hit Xbox Live, me and my buddy would often go online just to piss people off. We would sit in the pre-game waiting rooms with other players all waiting for us to start the game but never actually play. We did, however, have auditions for our "Halo Boy Band", and we'd try to get players to sing along to our latest single, "My Halo Boyfriend". The best part? People actually tried to audition and sang to us about their "Halo Boyfriend". The 10 year old British kid was the real icing on the cake. He didn't take it so well when he didn't make the cut though.-Ryan
Overheard while on vent with some buddies.Buddy 1: I love watching youtube.Buddy 2: How about playing the damn game.Buddy 1: Nah.Buddy 2: I am going to build a keypad in your ass so when you scratchit you can f*cking play.Buddy 1: Sweet, that will make it easier to macro then.-Micah

I once entered a room in the middle of a rant. Some guy was screaming about how the last kill was 100% bullshit.Guy1: YOUR MOM SHOULD HAVE HAD AN ABORTION!!!!!Guy2: I know right? I fucking hate my sister!-Rhett
I once played several Halo 3 games with someone who may have had insults confused. When he sniped someone he said "Yeah! You just raped me so hard!" or "Oh, dude, I just sucked that guy's dick," but when he died he would say that he raped them. This guy was also extremely good so he would "suck their dicks" and "take it in the ass" a lot considering he got 25+ kills a game. To this day, I have no idea if he was joking or not.-Brian
One day I was playing FM3 and this little kid comes into the lobby.Kid: I'm going to smoke all your asses with my ride (he was using a Ford Focus)My friend: Dude, you're driving a f***ing Focus.Kid: Yeah, but I'm such a better driver than you shit heads.Me: Kid, I've been playing videogames since you were swimming around in your daddy's balls.Room booms in laughterKid: Well, I've been fucking your dad for years.Me: OK, you keep banging guys. You're already driving the car for that.-Noah