The ability to customize things to your liking has been a video game staple for decades, whether it's how bright the screen is or whether or not your character has eyes, games often give us players the chance to tailor things to our liking. However, sometimes games give us players just a little bit too much freedom, like they did in ...


7. Resonance of Fate


"Walk softly and carry 90 silencers." - Teddy 'xXx_NO_SKOPEZ_xXx' Roosevelt

Resonance of Fate was a reasonably well received JRPG from 2010, in which the usual RPG elements of swords and magic were replaced by something much more relatable to a Western audience (not including teens who do katana unboxing videos on Youtube): lots of guns.

Similar to other RPGs, players could customize these guns to make them more effective in battle. By "more effective" we of course mean that you have to find a way to slap 13 silencers and 4 rifle scopes onto the top of a machine gun without somehow offending God. Here's the stupid part though: this is a  game mechanic you need to take advantage of to get ahead, as in you're actually encouraged to make the most Frankenstein-esque monstrosity possible and a big part of the game revolves around trying to cram as much crap onto a gun as you can. The thing we're most annoyed about is that you can't even see all of this stuff in game, but we realize that rendering all of that at once would have driven consoles worldwide insane - forcing them to finally rise up, Terminator-style, and conquer humanity. So...we're okay with that.


6. Soul Calibur 5

Rated D for...uh...

With every new Soul Calibur game that gets released, Namco has introduced ever more elaborate ways to pimp out a custom character. Whereas most players were happy just making Sephiroth over and over again, some, way more creative players realized that by rotating some items in juuuuust the right way, you could make it look like your character had giant pointy nipples or an improbably huge penis, as demonstrated in the most aptly named video we've ever had on this site, "How to make a penis":

As soon as it slipped out (sorry) that this was possible, it didn't take long for people to start creating crudely thrown together characters sporting huge fuzzy dongs just to piss people off online. Just for a second imagine how annoyed you'd be if you spent 3 hours painstakingly creating your own version of your favorite fictional character, only to go online and be beaten to death by a literal dickhead in 3 seconds flat. Now imagine how funny it'd be to be the other guy.