1. Claire

    Run Leon! The zombies are coming!

  2. Leon

    Hold up, I'm gonna take these guys out.

  3. Claire

    Can't you shoot while running? The helicopter is coming!

  4. Leon

    Run and shoot? Are you joking?! Do you know how dangerous that is?

  5. Claire


  6. Leon

    Didn't Chris teach you anything? You have to shoot with a firm base.

  7. Claire

    But… zombies…

  8. Leon

    That's no excuse for ignoring proper technique.

  9. Claire

    Whatever, give me a hand moving this roadblock.

  10. Leon

    Sorry, need both hands for shooting.

  11. Claire

    It's a handgun…

  12. Leon

    Yep, got to make sure my shots are stabilized from the recoil. Don't want one of these slugs going rogue. Someone could get seriously hurt.

  13. Claire

    Yeah, the zombies.

  14. Leon

    Claire! I need to focus!

  15. Claire

    Fine, just toss me that gate key.

  16. Leon

    Sorry, I dropped it awhile back.

  17. Claire


  18. Leon

    I didn't have room in my inventory.

  19. Claire

    What did you need room for?

  20. Leon

    Seven red herbs.

  21. Claire

    Seven?! But they are completely useless by themselves!

  22. Leon

    If you're going to have that attitude then I'm not sharing.

  23. Claire

    Fine, but the zombies are dangerously close. We need to run, now!

  24. Leon

    Wait up.

  25. Claire

    What now?!

  26. Leon

    Stretching, if you don't limber-up you could pull a hammy. Then you'll really be out of luck. And if we must run, let's keep it at a relaxed jog. We are carrying a lot of heavy weapons and there is broken glass everywhere. Next thing you know, you'll trip and scrape your knee. It's really not worth the risk of infection.

  27. Claire

    Hey Leon, do you realize a zombie has been chomping at your neck the entire time you were lecturing me about stretching?

  28. Leon


  29. Claire shoots the zombie in the face.

  30. Claire

    Don't worry. We have the anti-virus, hold on.

  31. Leon


  32. Claire

    WTF do you want now? To sterilize the needle? An Ace bandage? Anti-bacterial cream?

  33. Leon

    No… I dropped the anti-virus for more red herbs.

  34. Claire

    Wow, you are literally dumber than the zombies.