Ninten-dominoes! And a brief mention of Sonic the Hedgehog!

Domino Count: 30,000



Human mattress dominoes? Human mattress dominoes.

Domino Count: 850



277,275 dominoes were set up in an attempt to grab the Guinness World Record. 272,297 were toppled. Holy crap.

Domino Count: 277,275



This may not look that impressive at first - but Stephen Morris is demonstrating something insanely cool: a domino can knock over another domino that's 1.5x its size. Starting with a domino that's about 5 millimeters high, you could knock over a domino the size of the Empire State Building (given the ability to make dominoes that big).

Domino Count: 13



In the Cora supermarket in Rennes, France, the employees decided to have some fun with dominoes - without using dominoes.

Domino Count: 0 (but a whole bunch of other things)