Youtuber Hevesh5 put together this insane dominoes video to celebrate hitting 200,000 followers. If this guy hits a million, he'll have to do something FIVE TIMES BIGGER THAN THIS.

Domino Count: 22,000



It's the Great Wall of China of dominoes - the longest domino wall ever constructed, at about 100 ft. long.

Domino Count: 31,405



Youtuber ShanesDominoez has 68 weird dominoes tricks to show you. Why 68? Because 69 was...too many.

Domino Count: 10,000 



Well, it's not EXACTLY dominoes, but it has the same visual effect, and is probably even more impressive. The Belarus military parade decided to model part of their performance on dominoes and...well, just watch it.

Domino Count: 0 (but about 50 or so soldiers)



Hevesh5 at it again - this time just showin' off some tricks. Some pretty simple basic HOLY SHIT HOW tricks.

Domino Count: Between 20,000 and 25,000