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Would you get a load of this medley of vixen villainy? Photographer (and Bat-Hef) Greg De Stefano assembled a dream-team of LA-area cosplayers to reimagine Batman's rogues gallery in the style of classic Playboy bunnies. Also, not that it's a competition, but can we admit that "Sexy Two-Face" is a tougher assignment than "Poison Ivy with ears"?

The cast is as follows:

Two Face: Chrissa Sparkles

The Penguin: Selina Zewacki

The Riddler: Ruby Rocket

Poison Ivy: Mandie

Joker: Yume

Mr. Freeze: Michelle Nguyen

Scarecrow: Jenny Newman

Catwoman: Chloe Dykstra

Harley Quinn: Jynx

Check out this behind-the-scenes clip of the shoot: