So here we are - a full week into the newly-designed Dorkly. Odds are you completely love it now and have zero complaints. Good, but soon you'll have even less than zero complaints - we're working on adding a number of features to make your browsing experience top-notch, including: buttons for "next" and "previous" items, adjusted site coloring, more videos, and way more. Also, YES WE'RE WORKING ON PEACH'S REVENGE PART 2. It's happening!

We're also going to be using Pwn Up to talk to you a little more directly (in addition to having a few nerdy stories) about what's goin' on at Dorkly HQ. We're mostly working on making a constant stream of fun and nerdy content for your eyes and ears.

And a reminder to send me (andrew.bridgman@dorkly.com) any feedback or issues you may be having with the site - it may take me a while to get back to you, but I will eventually. Anyways, on with the nerd-stories! 



Hello, I am Eddie. Everyday after classes, whenever I have free time I hop on my phone and open Dorkly. Almost always there is at least two new articles comics or articles, and sometimes if I'm lucky maybe a Dorkly Original as well.

When I went on today, May 14, I noticed a change. Everything was new. From the Dorkly logo to the background, it was different. Quite easily, however, I found out that it's one of those same-yet-different situations. To be honest, it was nice being able to see in big pictures and letters more than just 2 of the recent article or comics. As I viewed the three new uploads I hadn't looked at (Afterlife of HR Giger, Changes to Make to Pokémon, and Dorkly: The next generation,) I noticed some posts that, let's say, weren't pro-dorklychange (I'm pointing at you, Daniel,) and was surprised that people didn't like it as much as me.

And then I crossed one of our gods responses. Andrew Bridgman. The one that seems to be behind 80-90% of all uploads to dorkly. In it, he said something along the lines of "Hey, if you have anything to say about the changes send an email to pwn up!" So I thought of a master plan. Make a really really long story about the changes, send it, hope it gets put up on a pwn up, and then no punch line. That's all.



I'm in university right now, and last semester I had a completely worthless Multimedia and Design class. It was so pointless, about 15 out of 130 people showed up for it each week, Yeah, that bad. But, we did get one kind of cool assignment. We had to make a video ad for something! So I gathered up some friends, recorded a Left 4 Dead 2 gameplay session, did some basic editing and BAM, fake Let's Play series trailer. Got perfect on the assignment too!



When Pokemon Emerald came out, I was 11 years old. Two of my favorite Pokemon at the time were Poochyena and Mightyena. I absolutely loved them. So, of course, I caught a Poochyena and when I got there, I put it in the Daycare. It was pretty far behind the rest of my team, due to it being pretty useless against Roxanne and Brawly. When I retrieved it, it had grown to level 19. Poochyena evolves into Mightyena at level 18. At the time, I was not aware of the fact that Pokemon could still be evolved after the lowest required level, so 18 in this case. Because of this, I thought my Poochyena could no longer evolved, and I bawled my eyes out as I released it into the wild because it could never become a Mightyena. I found out the next day that it could still evolve, and I've regretted releasing it ever since.



Reminder to send in your nerdy stories to dorklypwnup@gmail.com!