1. Exec 1

    So...we happy with "Batman vs. Superman"?

  2. Exec 2

    Totally. I mean, that pretty much sells the whole thing, right? Batman versus Superman - what more do we need?

  3. Exec 1

    Whaaaat if we made that "vs" a regular ol "v" though?

  4. Exec 2

    Like....like a Supreme Court case?

  5. Exec 1

    BINGO. What's more exciting than a legal proceeding at the nation's highest court?

  6. Exec 2

    Uh, I think "Batman vs. Superman" works fine. I don't think we need to really overthink this one.

  7. Exec 1

    But...what's the context of "Batman v. Superman"?

  8. Exec 2


  9. Exec 1

    I mean, we need some more info here. What are they v-ing over? What's the result of this v-ing going to be?

  10. Exec 2

    It's a movie about Batman and Superman. They're gonna be versus each other. That's all we need to do to sell tickets. The two most recognizable comic book characters ever. Versus-ing.

  11. Exec 1

    But justice will be dawning with this, right? We should clarify that.

  12. Exec 2


  13. Exec 1

    Yeah, "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice." Really drive home the court case aspect.

  14. Exec 2

    Batman and Superman will be fighting. We don't need to say anything else. We don't need add a subtitle that vaguely sorta references the Justice League. Batman. Superman. That's more than enough.

  15. Exec 1

    Yep, "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice" it is. Actually, legally-speaking, it should be "Wayne v. Kent: Dawn of Justice." Using their hero pseudonyms in a court of law would be absurd.

  16. Exec 2

    We could even make it "Batman and Superman Fight" and it would be fine. Please.

  17. Exec 1

    So we're agreed - "Wayne v. El: Sunrise of Lawfulness."

  18. Exec 2

    Please stop. "Batman and Superman In A Movie Together" would work.

  19. Exec 1

    The poster will be Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. We won't make any mention of the movie stars in it.

  20. Exec 2

    Why are you doing this.

  21. Exec 1

    Then at the end, we can include a teaser for the followup - "The Justice League"

  22. Exec 2

    Oh thank god. Simple and effective, it's perf-

  23. Exec 1

    ..."Rise of the Guilty Verdict."

  24. Exec 2

    I quit.

  25. Exec 1

    ..."Part 1 of 3: Return of the Court Stenographer."