The Thrilling Adventure Hour Talks About The Thrilling Adventure Hour

 What is the Thrilling Adventure Hour? If you're not familiar with it, you should be: it's a staged production in the style of old-time radio - which encompasses live performances as well as podcasts. It (like Welcome To Night Vale - who they'll be performing with at this year's San Diego Comic-Con) has grown an enormous fandom based on something purely on the strength of their incredible audio performances - there's tons of Thrilling Adventure Hour fan art across the internet based on characters that had never been visualized before. Also, it's the number 4 comedy podcast. It's THAT big.

And it's getting bigger - they recently released a graphic novel (available here), there's tons of merchandise (available here), and they're doing more live performances than ever. Their next performance is on May 10th in New York City's Town Hall (AND TICKETS ARE STILL AVAILABLE!).

The huge cast and crew stopped by The Dorkly Fan Art Expo at C2E2 to tell us a little bit about their show and play A LOT of rock-paper-scissors.

The cast at C2E2 included:

  • Mark Gagliardi
  • Molly Quinn
  • Janet Varney
  • Craig Cackowski
  • Ben Blacker
  • Hal Lublin
  • Marc Evan Jackson
  • Rider Strong (who we interviewed here)

To learn more about The Thrilling Adventure Hour, you should check out their website, subscribe to their podcast, check out their schedule of live performances (and - reminder - there's one on May 10th in NYC), and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour Talks About The Thrilling Adventure Hour