We're seeing more Marvel movie sequels every year, partly because there's no shortage of material to pull from. Captain America: The Winter Soldier and X-Men: Days of Future Past share more with their respective comics than just their names -- these specific stories were selected for adaptation because they'd look great on the big screen and they had already proven they could work on the page. That, and everyone's afraid some hack writers will pull something out of their ass and we'll end up with another Catwoman shitshow.

Still, there are some comic book storylines that could never, should never be brought to life with millions of dollars in special effects and CGI. We've compiled a list of these aberrations below:


5. Captain America Wolfs Out

  5 Insane Marvel Comics Storylines That Would Make Terrible Movies

Steve Rogers beats out even Superman when it comes to defending truth, justice and the American way. Being the Captain of America pretty much means you outrank the President, so there are some pretty big expectations to live up to. Given his station, Cap going all Team Jacob and becoming a werewolf was generally frowned upon.

To be fair, werewolves rarely choose to carry their curse, and such was the case with Captain America; he was unwillingly injected with wolf juice along with several others. See if you can tell which one of the werewolves below is also a superhero! Hint: It's the dickweed wearing bright spandex and a giant "A" on his forehead.

5 Insane Marvel Comics Storylines That Would Make Terrible Movies

Following brawls with Wolverine and later Cable, Cap leads a bunch of werewolves to defeat the magical Starwolf and later an evil clone of himself. If that sounds sort of rad, that's because it is, but in a ridiculous way that only works in comics. Putting this to the screen would be a disaster of Howard the Duck proportions. If nothing else, Cap's post-mortem Robb Stark cosplay would be in really poor taste.


4. The Punisher Becomes An African-American

5 Insane Marvel Comics Storylines That Would Make Terrible Movies

That dumbstruck dude you see gazing into a mirror is Frank Castle, The Punisher, shocked at his post-surgery transformation. What was once your run-of-the-mill angry white dude was now the same angry dude, but black! It started following a prison break, when The Punisher asked a doctor to make his face unrecognizable. Lovable junkie that she was, the surgeon stitched in a bizarre storyline that uses blackface as a plot device -- at no extra cost!

So even though he's in no danger whatsoever of being mistaken for The Punisher, Frank decides to get the hell out of Dodge and drive 19 straight hours to Chicago. Right when he enters the city limits, Frank's pulled over and immediately assaulted by a mob of mega-racist cops:

5 Insane Marvel Comics Storylines That Would Make Terrible Movies

Luke Cage, another superhero -- who, coincidentally, is an actual black man -- steps in and saves The Punisher's ass, and the two go on to have a good ol'-fashioned team-up. Not-so-coincidentally, Cage had a new comic, from the same writer, release shortly after this arc (in bookstores now!).

This was obviously an attempt at social commentary, and misplaced as it was, nobody really cares about the taboos of stupid comics from 1992. A big-budget movie version would be another matter, though. Robert Downey Jr. somehow pulled off some great satire in Tropic Thunder, but imagine if Iron Man used blackface to disguise himself as War Machine. Actually nevermind, no one should ever have to imagine that.