Everyone who plays Skyrim is presented with a destiny - you are the Dragonborn, a hero of legend born with the blood and soul of a dragon, but the body of a man, who can wield the incredible power of Thu'um (dragon shoutin'). Everyone is the savior of Skyrim, the one hope against an impending doom. You quest and adventure and perform all kinds of daring acts.

Unless you're Olaf that is. If you're Olaf, you're more concerned with getting some shoes.



Olaf can't use magic, fight dragons, or go adventuring at all. Hell, he doesn't even have shoes. But he still has dreams - to earn a bunch of money (25,000 gold, specifically) in the simple ways he knows how, like selling vegetables and doing some simple chores for folks around Whiterun. This is what it's like for all of the non-Dragonborn folks in Tamriel - simple lives, doing simple things. Also - Olaf has to lead a semi-normal life, eating meals and sleeping at night. He can't just run around for days on end without sleeping and chugging Vigorous Health potions to get by.



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