Theres Something Seriously Wrong With Anakin Skywalkers Shadow

  1. Some Guy

    Hey, kid! HEY!

  2. Anakin

    What? What is it?

  3. Some Guy

    There is something SERIOUSLY messed up with your shadow.

  4. Anakin

    What do you OH SHIT YOU'RE RIGHT

  5. Some Guy

    Like, I know we got two suns here on Tatooine and that messes with the shadows, but yours looks like a freakin' Elmers Glue container or something.

  6. Anakin

    I was gonna say - looks sorta like a lady in a mumu with a really bad bob haircut.

  7. Some Guy

    You don't think it might have some kind of...ominous warning, do you?

  8. Anakin

    You mean a....foreshadow?

  9. (the two laugh uproariously)
  10. Some Guy

    Haha, good one. But for real - even in a galaxy filled with weird aliens and a magic Force that binds all life together, that's some fucked up shit going on there with your shadow. You probably got space cancer or something.

  11. Anakin

    Maybe it's, like, my future shadow? Like, how my shadow will look like in the future?

  12. Some Guy

    On the one hand, that's a really dumb theory, but on the other hand - I've had a similar thing going on.

  13. Anakin

    Who are you by the way?

  14. Some Guy

    Oh, I'm Jar Jar Binks.


  Theres Something Seriously Wrong With Anakin Skywalkers Shadow

  1. Anakin


  2. Some Guy

    Not important. By the way, if anyone asks, just tell them I said "Meesa" a lot and acted like a total idiot.

  3. Anakin


  4. Some Guy

    Trying to work out an extremely complicated power move that would make me a Republic senator and in a position to turn our Republic into a ruthless Empire. I wanna make sure everything thinks I'm a jackass idiot so they don't suspect anything. 

  5. Anakin

    Right, like they'd let some pseudo-amphibious idiot like you be a senator.

  6. Some Guy

    ...your shadow looks like a Dalek with the tip of a dildo attached, kid.