1. Scott Gimple

    ...and at the end of the episode, Rick says "They're fucking with the wrong people." Sound good, everyone?

  2. Another Writer

    Ooooooo....gonnnnnna have to disagree with ya there, Scott.

  3. Scott Gimple

    Which part?

  4. Another Writer

     Using the "F" word. Little too risque, I think. I mean - wait, is this happening before or after the scene where Rick brutally murders Joe by tearing out his throat with his teeth?

  5. Scott Gimple

    It's after.

  6. Another Writer

     And after Rick stabs Dan - who was threatening to rape his young son - to death, face still covered in blood?

  7. Scott Gimple

    Right - it's after the group of cannibals have taken them and forced them into the boxcar, where they'll sit until the Terminus group decides to consume their flesh.

  8. Another Writer

     Gotcha. Yeah - just think the "F" word is sorta harsh. I mean - kids could be watching this show.

  9. Scott Gimple

     Jeez, Bob, you might be right. Never really thought about that.

  10. Another Writer

     Maybe we just have the character Rick - who's become more and more unhinged and violent as the show has gone on and, again, literally rips out a man's throat with his teeth this episode - not use such a naughty word.

  11. Scott Gimple

     Yep - how about "They're SCREWING with the wrong people"?

  12. Another Writer

     Within this post-apocalyptic nihilistic world of meaningless violence and utter hopelessness, I think that would be MUCH more family friendly.

  13. Scott Gimple

     Great! Anything else?

  14. Another Writer

     ...super-long commercial breaks every five minutes?

  15. Scott Gimple