Titanfall, like any other game with competitive multiplayer released in the last few decades, has a little bit of an issue with hackers. They use aimbots, wallhacks, and more to more or less ruin the game experience for everyone else. Also, for themselves, because what's the fun in playing a game like Titanfall if you're going to cheat? ARE GIANT MECHS AND JETPACKS NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU?

Anyways, the makers of Titanfall have come up with a fun way of dealing with these Swordfish-wannabes: let them battle each other. ONLY each other.

Titanfall Trolls Cheaters In the Best Way Possible

You see - they can still play the game to their heart's content. They're not really banned, technically - just banned from playing with honest, hard-working non-cheaters. Meaning the only people they can play with is other cheaters - so all of their games will be filled to the brim with EVERYONE using game-breaking hacks.

It will be a frustrating nightmare for all of the hackers who wanted to give themselves an edge against the hopelessly naive players in normal games, basically sheep for the slaughter to the hackers. Now they're stuck in a pen filled with only wolves.

Basically, everyone else gets to live out this GIF:

Titanfall Trolls Cheaters In the Best Way Possible



There is one terrible consequence to all of this though - now you can never claim someone who beat you was hacking. YOU HAVE TO ADMIT THEY JUST ARE BETTER THAN YOU. Wish someone would have considered THAT before doing this.