It seems like nothing short of a miracle that X-Men: Days of Future Past was released - it's one of the most beloved arcs in X-Men history, but one that many thought would never make it to the big screen. It's a complicated story that involves parallel timelines, time travel, and the deaths of many popular X-Men characters. Also, it's protagonist is Kitty Pryde, who (thus far in the series) had received very little screentime. To make the property more viable for the mass audiences, Bryan Singer & Co. changed the protagonist of the story to popular X-Men character Wolverine.

Now that this arc is being turned into a film, what other popular X-Men arcs could be next? Here are 4 we think could work out great.


The Dark Phoenix Saga


I know, I know - they already adapted the Dark Phoenix saga for the big screen with X-Men 3: The Last Stand. However, I think we can all agree that that movie was a terrible abomination that shouldn't count, so let's just pretend it doesn't exist.

Here's how it could be reimagined for the current continuity: on a mission into space, the team is exposed to radiation from a solar flare. But it's actually the cosmic entity known as "The Phoenix" that finds a host in - you guessed it - Wolverine. Now Wolverine can fly around and is encased in flame and has super telekinetic powers - but he still uses his claws a bunch to slash up some bad guys (no blood is shown though, because c'mon, gotta get that PG-13 rating). Ultimately the Wolverine Phoenix must sacrifice himself to save the X-Men and the world....OR DOES HE? See, he can heal, so you think he's dead, but he's actually still alive. BOOM! ROLL CREDITS!


Age of Apocalypse


TThe X-Men movie follow-up to Days of Future Past (currently titled Apocalypse) will likely follow this storyline - however, the storyline is a bit too big and sprawling to really be condensed into a single film. Hence, we need to reimagine it. So instead of having Apocalypse begin a reign of terror as a result of an alternate timeline in which Professor Xavier is felled by an assassin's bullet, we rename the film "Age of Wolverine" and Wolverine begins HIS reign of terror that results in an apocalyptic wasteland. But then an alternate-universe Wolverine tries to stop him. Then all Wolverines from all possible universes converge and have an all-out battle of Wolverines. But none of them die because of their healing factor. So they all just kill all the other X-Men and we rename the franchise Wolverine-Men.


House of M


We call it House of W. It's about Wolverine building a real nice house. He chops wood with his claws.


X-Men vs. Avengers


Well, Fox definitely doesn't have the film rights to the Avengers, and at this point in the continuity the X-Men are the Wolverine-Men. So how about Wolverine-Men vs. Wolverine-vengers? Iron Wolverine, Captain Wolverine, Wolverinethor, and Wolverinehulk battle the Wolverine-Men. Except, of course, none of them can die because of the healing factor.

This can lead to 200 individual Wolverine spin-off films, including "The Wolverine Too," "A Wolverine," "Wolverine Origins: Wolverine," and "Wolverine First Class: Wolverine Origins."