Kid Getting a Splinter Pulled Performs the Most Gutwrenching Frozen Cover Ever


Disney's Frozen was something of a throwback - a big animated musical where a lot of the songs became super-popular. That hasn't really been a thing since The Lion King (thankfully this one doesn't include a song about not caring about stuff and just eating bugs for 10 years while bopping your head back and forth).

Besides the obvious number one song ("Let It Go"), the next biggest song is probably "Do You Want To Build A Snowman?" It's a fun, light-hearted song about wanting to build a snowman (with themes of soul-crushing regret, desperate longing, and broken relationships sprinkled in):


But that was a little TOO happy, don't you think? What the world needs is a little gut-wrenching, punk rock-style screaming. Thankfully, this little kid got a splinter in her leg. Her mother tried to keep her calm during the extraction by having her recite the song about wanting to build snowmen, which she managed to do - while suffering through the most extreme pain anyone has ever gone through (apparently).