Quiz: Which Character From Star Wars Are You


Let's cut to the chase here. You'll just take this quiz over and over until you get the results you want - Han Solo. Then you'll share it on Facebook and be like  "oops lol guess i'm the coolest one! lol!"


We could go through all the questions, but you'll definitely just choose the ones that sound rogue-ish and gruff but with a heart of gold hiding beneath. Then you'll accidentally get C3PO or something and you'll just keep retrying over and over until you get Han Solo (or maybe Boba Fett, but let's be honest, Han Solo's way cooler).


So ya know what? We won't ask you "What's your ideal date night?" or "Which Katy Perry song best describes you?" or any of that bullshit. You know why? Because - if you really ARE like Han Solo, you wouldn't take a fucking internet personality quiz. You think interplanetary smuggler and all around badass Han Solo ever took an online quiz to determine which character from Friends he was?




So yeah, that's who you are. You're Han Solo! Congratulations.


But now it's up to you to PROVE it. Go make friends with a giant hairy person who only communicates in grunts and growls. Be cool and composed, even when green aliens are threatening to turn you over to slug-monsters who run the space-mafia. Have great hair and charm princesses. It's not enough for a quiz to tell you you're the coolest dude in the galaxy - it's up to you to BE that.


When the love of your life told you she loved you, you said "I know." When your friend's life was at risk, you cut open a Tauntaun to save him. You pulled a blaster on DARTH VADER.


Mainly, stop sharing quiz results on Facebook. You're Han Solo, after all.


Quiz: Which Character From Star Wars Are You

(Han would TOTALLY be a Joey, by the way)