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It began as an bizarre sociological experiment - getting thousands of people to control the same game of Pokemon Red via chat. The original run took nearly 400 continuous hours of play and left the internet exhausted with memes and fan art and talk about what an insane idea this was. But then it continued - 24 hours after the completion of Pokemon Red, they powered forward with Pokemon Crystal version.

It was no longer a simple one and done experiment - it was much bigger than that. This is now an institution - with "Twitch Plays" being applied to other games, including The Legend of Zelda and Tetris and many others.

But coming back to the channel that started it all, they've finished Crystal version and are moving on to Generation 3 - Emerald version.

Although we tried to extensively cover the original run, we won't be tracking this too closely. This is no longer an event - it's going to be an ongoing thing that's here to stay. Still, it's worth checking in on every now and then to see what madness and new religions are being cooked up by thousands of people chaotically trying to ram their way through a videogame designed to be played by one person at a time.


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For the first time, Twitch Plays Pokemon is playing with a girl trainer. Her name is "A". You might think that's just because it's impossible for this many people controlling a game to get anything other than a short, random assortment of letters. You'd be wrong.

The "A" stands for "Anarchy." You see, A isn't your typical Pokemon trainer. She's dedicated herself to being an agent of chaos, to upending the status quo, to tearing apart the delicate balance of society. Appropriately, her starting Pokemon was Torchic. Because some trainers just want to watch the world burn.

Basically, we're playing as The Joker.


 As you can see, Torchic's been named "__zyyxyy", or "Zexy" for short. An Abra, Poochenya, and Nincada were quickly added to the team as well (Nincada and Poochenya had no nickname, Abra was "apf uojkyy", or "Fap Junky", since even the brilliant minds of Twitch Plays Pokemon had a tough time making anything out of that nonsense).

Since this has been going on for about 40 hours already, a great deal has happened, including:

  • Twitch Plays Pokemon Emerald actually went through several resets before settling on A - the lost timelines had trainers named Slash (girl), Camila (girl), and T (boy). Slash was the first - a total psycho bent on violence. Camila was sweet and innocent and peaceful. T (or Mr. T) was honorable. And A - the one ultimately chosen - was adventurous.
  • The players caught a Marrill they felt would be a great asset to the team - however, their team was already full (mostly Poochenyas) and it was sent to the PC. With the horrors of Bloody Sunday still fresh in their minds, they were reticent to go get it. Eventually they did though, and successfully extracted the little blue mouse. However, they deposited LITERALLY ALL OF THEIR OTHER POKEMON IN THE PROCESS.
  • The first day ended with the players hopelessly stuck with nothing but a low-level Marrill that was obviously not going to get them very far.
  • Thankfully, they were able to get Zexy and Poochenya (now called Dogenya) out without releasing anything.
  • And because PCs can never be a simple process, more deposit-remove shenanigans happened for a few hours. Eventually, they came out with Marrill, Dogenya, and Fap Junky.
  • With the help of Marrill, the first gym leader, Roxanne, was defeated.
  • After some more messing around in the PC, the team is now: Zexy, Nincada, ATA the Poochenya, and Marrill.


The Lore So Far:

  • The two previously chosen female trainers - Slash and Camila - reside in the mind of an apparently unbalanced and schizophrenic A, who's become a psychotic maniac as a result. The old joke used to be that the main trainer was haunted by the thousands of voices giving him commands in his head - but this is the first time the trainer seems to EMBRACE the voices.

  • The previously chosen male trainer - T - resides in the mind of our rival, Brendan "T" Birch. Possibly the reincarnation of T, who seeks vengeance against A, whose existence meant his death.

  • With Democracy no longer an option, there's very little standing in the way of A's dreams of Anarchy. That being said, rumors are abound that Democracy could be reinstated if the players get stuck somewhere (as they did in the Team Rocket Hideout back in Pokemon Red).

  • Forget Helix. Even forget the actual gods of this world, Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza. This is a chaotic, anarchic world where gods mean nothing.


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A & Zexy

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Anyways, here's the stream. This is part of the fabric of the internet now.

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