Hey Weve Got a New Logo


Yes, the rumors are true: we've got a new logo. I know a lot of you grew fond of the old, blocky logo - so did we, and we'll miss ol' Blocky. But don't worry, we're sending it to a logo farm upstate, where it can run around and play with other logos. It definitely has nothing to do with the old logo getting rabies. While we can't let you see the old logo ever again, just know that it's happy.

Also pay no attention to the shotgun shells next to that mound of dirt labeled "OLD LOGO."

Meanwhile, we got you a hotter, younger logo. Check out this logo - wow. It's way more fun than our old logo. It's adventurous and spontaneous. This is a logo that'll make all your friends jealous.

Worried that this new logo is a sign that Dorkly's changing? Think again. We'll still be the same Dorkly you know and love - just with a slick, new logo.

Here - I'll prove it. A brand new comic about Mario getting himself a new look - with all the quality and attention to detail you've always expected out of us:

Hey Weve Got a New Logo

Okay - I know what you're thinking: "Andrew, that isn't colored. Or drawn very well. Also there really isn't a joke or anything. This is just a strange unsettling comic that you pitched a long time ago and no one else liked and you're looking for an excuse to post it."

And you're right.

But anyways, yeah - we got a new logo! And that's it.