FCC Complaints Against South Park That Will ENRAGE YOU

The website Government Attic regularly posts government files and documents it receives through the Freedom of Information Act. While most of these are extremely dry and boring, occasionally something truly magnificent will show up. For example - a document was posted that collected complaints made to the FCC about South Park, between 2004 and 2007. We've transcribed some of the best ones (and tried our best to maintain accurate portrayals of the grammar and spelling used by each):



Two boys well known to me asked me for sex (unspecified in nature); when I asked these boys why they were asking me for sex, they replied that the TV program "South Park" with the randy "Chef" told them to do it. These boys are 9 and 12. I am 63 and male.


I wish to voice my disgust with the "cartoon" Southpark that was aired on the evening of Wednesday, August 10, 2005. The episode depicted children "milking" a male dog. I cannot believe such filth is allowed to be aired.



During the broadcast of this program, the following obscene and indecent material was broadcast.

"Turn around so I can clean out your ass. Carmen you just said ass, that's a sin."

"What kink of pussy way of dieing is that?"

"And you must be mister ass-face."

"That guy is a pussy. He's stable Saddam. Yeah that's what I said, 'He's a pussy.'"

"Goodnight pussy, I mean Chris."

"aw dude you screwed me up."

"I guess Timmy's pretty screwed."

Also during the program there was a depicted of a homosexual man attempting to have intercourse with a satanic figure and a depiction of a priest having anal intercourse with a woman in a confessional.


Re: South Park

How do you allow this filth on TV. Plus J. Lino and the other 3 nite time comics useing all sorts of bad language, in an attemp to be funny. And we wonder what's wrong with young America. They should be fined 5,000.00 per word.




We were watching a DVD with our TV on channel 3, as we need to when watched recorded material. The DVD ended and we turned off the DVD player, and the TV automatically went to channel 3's "South Park" show-  before I could switch the channel, a character said ; "damn" 4 times and "hell" 3 times. My 7-year old son started to imitate the chracter.;




I was watching South Park a few nights ago and I noticed they bleeped out curse words which is great because I don't want language on tv. But what bothers me is that the FCC over looks the Lords name in Vain. Why are you allowing something that is no different then murder in the eyes of many?




I am a fan of mid night television and comedy central and although i have seen the movie Welcome to America on video I was chocked to hear the words F%$& and A$$hole being transmitted on cable TV repeatedly. I have seen South park so many times and i do think that these words are beeped out  ; I watch a lot of TV in the middle of the night and correct me if I'm wrong but I think this language is still isn't acceptable.; If this is now acceptable I'm sorry to have wasted your time.




And now, a few we felt transcription would not do justice.


Here is the image of one of the longer and more detailed complaints, exactly as it appears on the document, which we put here mainly because HOLY CRAP they just put down a bunch of South Park quotes and also this is probably the longest entry:


FCC Complaints Against South Park That Will ENRAGE YOU



And now, another - this one who believes their complaints will be taken more seriously when Caps Lock is on:


FCC Complaints Against South Park That Will ENRAGE YOU




Here's one where some kid's stepmom copies and pastes what her stepson apparently emailed to the FCC. Something tells me the 11 year old child didn't write this entirely on his own...


FCC Complaints Against South Park That Will ENRAGE YOU




And finally, one that sorta ties this whole thing together:


South Parks shows these kids that cause and kill each other. Also on South Park, there is a (trying to put this in a nice way) excriment (aka: turd, poop) that talks. This kind of stuff should not be on Television because Television is meant for family viewing and I certinly don't want my children watching this.




Just kidding. This is the last one!


FCC Complaints Against South Park That Will ENRAGE YOU



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