In the world of Twitch Plays Pokemon, no one is safe - not even gods. For on Saturday, March 15th, the players of Pokemon Crystal defeated their ultimate foe: THEMSELVES...and also their god, Lord Helix.

Twitch Plays Pokemon Has Killed Lord Helix

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In case you're not familiar (and judging by how Pokemon stuff tends to do on this site and on the internet as a whole, you probably are), after you defeat the Elite 4 and your rival and become the Pokemon League champion of Johto, the original Pokemon region of Kanto opens to you, where you will need to defeat the gym leaders and get another 8 badges. And once that's complete, you travel to Mt. Silver and face off against Red - the hero of Pokemon Red/Blue.

Twitch Plays Pokemon Has Killed Lord Helix

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The team held by AJ (the nickname for Twitch Plays Pokemon Crystal's protagonist) was Solid Snake (Steelix), Ace (Raticate), Katie (Dragonite), Burrito (Espeon), LazorGator (Feraligatr), and Brian (Pidgeot).

Normally Red's team consists of Pikachu, Espeon, Snorlax, Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise. But the emulators of Twitch Plays Pokemon decided to keep the canon of their own playthrough, and replaced Red's normal team with Bird Jesus (Pidgeot), Battery Jesus (Zapdos), All Terrain Venomoth (Venomoth), The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Lapras), King Fonz (Nidoking), and Lord Helix (Omastar).


Twitch Plays Pokemon Has Killed Lord Helix

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There he was - waiting for them. After 12 days (nearly 300 hours) of battling through two regions, it all came back to where it began.

In their first attempt at challenging Red, the great Champion of Generation 1 wiped the floor with their team (well, Zapdos did most of the work, but still). It took another six attempts (during which Ace was deposited), but early in the 14th day, Red was down to (appropriately) two last Pokemon, Lord Helix and Bird Jesus. Lord Helix was taken down by LazorGator. Finally, it came down to Bird Jesus vs. LazorGator - the go-to behemoths of each generation of Twitch Plays Pokemon.

And LazorGator emerged victorious.

Twitch Plays Pokemon Has Killed Lord Helix

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 Here's the full video:


And with that, the ultimate victory of Pokemon Crystal is complete. The game is still going, although nothing they do from here on will have anything near the meaning or impact of defeating their former self, and bringing death to Lord Helix, their god. 


  Twitch Plays Pokemon Has Killed Lord Helix

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