Theory: Farts are the best. Allow us to provide our proof.


1. Farts interrupting boring, serious government meetings? THE BEST.


2. Watching people react to a dude farting in a cramped, silent elevator? THE BEST.


3. A weatherman farting MOMENTS before going on the air and then completely unable to stop himself from laughing and making fart puns? THE BEST.


4. A tiny dog that's TERRIFIED of its own farts? THE BEST.


5. An emotionless, unmoving iguana in a bathtub farting underwater? THE BEST.


6. A bunch of kids watching a hippo at the zoo - who suddenly has THE LOUDEST AND MESSIEST FART OF ALL-TIME? EASILY THE BEST.


7. Louis CK explaining why farts are the best? THE BEST.