4. One kick in The Matrix: Reloaded took half a year to perfect

7 Inconsequentially Cool Things From Movies That Took Way Too Long To Film

Source: Writing Studio

The cast of the Matrix movies spent so long learning martial arts that we honestly wouldn't be surprised to learn that Hugo Weaving swats flies by punching their balls off in mid-air. Prior to filming the movies, each member of the principle cast spent upwards of 4 months training with martial arts legend, Yuen Wo Ping to hone their bodies into living weapons.

In the case of Carrie-Anne Moss, she actually spent an extra 6 months prior to the filming of The Matrix Reloaded working with Ping to perfect a move he created specifically for her, dubbed "The Scorpion Kick". I counted all of the times Trinity pused that move and am pretty sure she only used it about three times throughout the entire series. If I was Carrie-Anne Moss I'd have demanded that Trinity used that kick all the time, like right in the middle of conversations and shit, even if she wasn't part of them just to get the most use out of it.


5. It took RoboCop an hour to catch a set of keys.

7 Inconsequentially Cool Things From Movies That Took Way Too Long To Film

Source: RoboCop Archive

I'm just going to go straight into this one, it took Peter Weller over an hour to catch a set of car keys being thrown at him. Weller reportedly had so much trouble with the scene because the rubber gloves of the RoboCop suit made the keys keep bouncing out of his hand, forcing them to shoot the scene over and over again. Why no one though of changing the scene to have someone you know, hand the keys to Robocop, or better yet have Robocop hot-wire the car using the giant metal spike he had literally inside his fist the entire time is beyond me, my best guess is that the answer is something along the lines of "watching Peter Weller keep fluff the scene was really funny".


6. 2 seconds of footage in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen took months to create.

  7 Inconsequentially Cool Things From Movies That Took Way Too Long To Film

Source: Gizmodo

Say what you want about the Transformers movies, when it came to creating those robots in disguise, Michael Bay went all out, it's just a shame he didn't do the same thing with the script or his casting choices or literally anything else in the movies, but I digress.

In the second movie, for the scene in which not-Megan Fox's skin explodes off revealing that (SPOILERS) she is totally a Decepticon that was inexplicably sent to kill Shia LaBeouf after making him think he was going to get laid, instead of just ripping his head clean off with its giant robot claws the second it got within 2 feet of him, Bay wanted a close up of the transformation as it happened. Because Digital Domain, the guys behind the effect, had already finished rendering the entire scene when Bay made this request, they were forced to palm the job off onto a small team of five guys who were forced to create the requested frames by hand. The entire process took them an estimated 3 months to finish, which, anyway you look at it, is far longer than anyone should be spent looking at something Michael Bay thought would be cool.


7. Bane's coat in The Dark Knight Rises took a year to design

  7 Inconsequentially Cool Things From Movies That Took Way Too Long To Film

Source: GQ

Though the shearling coat that Bane rocks throughout the latter half of the Dark Knight Rises movie is undeniably badass enough that you could stuff a pillow with it and have both sides be cool, it's not exactly the most eye-catching part of Bane's costume is it? The guy is wearing what is basically a gimp mask and he spends half of his screen time punching or shooting people, there are other aspects of his character that we as an audience are paying attention to is what I'm trying to say.

Costume Designer Lindy Hemming spent over a year and presumably thousands of movie dollars designing Bane's custom made shearling coat only to find out after all of the work and effort that shearling coats were suddenly "in", which is why you can buy an almost identical coat right now for like 30 dollars. Of course it's not going to look as cool as the one Bane wears, though that's mostly because you don't have Bane's arms, which ironically, probably took less effort for Tom Hardy to create that the coat that's draped over them.