4 Ghostbusters Games That Would Have Made Harold Ramis Proud

Ghostbusters - against all logic and reason - is one of the few major film franchises to have an actually decent game made out of it. But the whole premise of Ghostbusters should allow for so many differnet kinds of amazing games, it's a shame developers haven't tried to get more inventive with the franchise. In honor of the recent passing of Harold Ramis, we therefore humbly present our suggestions for games that would make the great man himself proud.


1. Ghostbusters: The Sandbox Game

  4 Ghostbusters Games That Would Have Made Harold Ramis Proud

It's Just Like: Ghostbusters + Grand Theft Auto + L.A. Noire


Just imagine it: a sprawling, lovingly-detailed representation of 80's New York City where the streets are bustling, the crowds are thronging, and the ghosts are everywhere.

As a fully-fledged Ghostbuster, you take on cases that come to you via the HQ, all of which need to be solved in a variety of ways. Someone call in about a ghost in their bathroom? Simply race down there and zap that bad boy. There's a poltergeist stalking the corridors of a hotel? Follow the trail of destruction and send that thing to the other side. Mysterious occurrences down at the Natural History Museum? Scan the area with your P.K.E. Meter, set traps, and bust yourself a T-Rex ghost.

Alternatively, spend your time speeding through the streets in ECTO-1. Explore the city's most haunted locations, collect items to unlock new equipment, and harrass Walter Peck and his army of EPA agents (who actually have a legitimate point about how "trapping restless spirits using unlicensed nuclear accelerators" maybe not being the best idea).


2. Ghostbusters: The Psychological Horror Game

4 Ghostbusters Games That Would Have Made Harold Ramis Proud

It's Just Like: Ghostbusters + Resident Evil + Silent Hill + F.E.A.R


This might seem like an odd choice, but hear us out: there's no way that every case the team took on was a family-friendly romp in the park. This is that case.

After responding to a simple house call, the Ghostbusters find themselves trapped in an old asylum/mansion/laboratory. To make matters worse, they get separated from each other. Alone and under siege from the darkest realms of the supernatural, the mission is simple: find your team, investigate the haunting, bust that ghost, and - most importantly- survive the night.

Sounds simple, right? Wrong. Do you use stealth and evade the hoards of ghosts and monsters? Or blast them with your Proton Pack and risk attracting the attention of every undead soul in the area? Just like Silent Hill, you also slip into alternate hell dimensions populated by nasties that make Zuul look about as terrifying as a fluffy kitten.


3. Ghostbusters: The MMORPG

  4 Ghostbusters Games That Would Have Made Harold Ramis Proud

via MSPaintAdventures

It's Just Like: Ghostbusters + World of Warcraft


Color us surprised that this hasn't already been done (not including the Ghostbusters 2 MMORPG in MSPaintAdventures' Homestuck, that is). After all, WoW already has Gnomes, Orcs, and Goblins: what's wrong with bringing some ghosts to the MMORPG party?

Inspired by the heroics of the Ghostbusters and eager to make your mark on the world of the supernatural, you sign up for a job with the team. As you're new to the business, you'll need to solve cases to gain experience: the more experience you have, the bigger the ghosts you get to take down (ranging in size from simple ghosts to humanity-destroying gods).

As your stats grow, you also get the chance to link up with other players and complete jobs that can't be completed individually, ranging from busting several ghosts simultaneously to piloting the Statue of Liberty and even *gulp* crossing your streams to defeat gargantuan foes.



4. Ghostbusters: The Racing Game

 4 Ghostbusters Games That Would Have Made Harold Ramis Proud

It's Just Like: Ghostbusters + Burnout + Nothing Your Imagination Could Ever Conceive Of


No, that's not a typo: we're talking about a full-fledged racing game set in the universe of Ghostbusters. And it would be the best thing ever.

Race friends through the streets of the Big Apple using the ECTO-1, or pit the Statue of Liberty vs. the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man in time trials around the island (with points deducted for stomping on people). For the die-hards, there's also the option to explore subterranean NYC and compete in raft races on the River of Slime.

Don't roll your eyes and tell us that this is the stupidest thing that could ever come from a franchise where Dan Aykroyd has a PhD. Also, while nobody would pay $60 for a console version of this, make a $3 app version and we guarantee you'd make the development money back within a few hours.

Make this now. Please.