4. Silver Surfer - The Surfer's Superpower Is "Dying", Apparently?

5 Games That Used Popular Heroes In Incredibly Uncharacteristic Ways

The Source Material: The Silver Surfer is the herald of Galactus, The Eater of Worlds. As such, he wields a piece of the Power Cosmic, making him an incredibly powerful being. He has such amazing feats as almost limitless strength and speed, the ability to survive indefinitely without food, air, and sleep, and to withstand almost any damage thanks to his nigh-indestructible body. Entire teams of metahumans could go up against the Surfer with no chance of winning. He is a tough and wise survivor who keeps traveling through space to find nourishment for his master.

The Game: Anyone who knows the work of movie buff and incredibly awesome person James Rolfe has heard about this one. After all, he made a review of Silver Surfer as his Angry Video Game Nerd persona years ago. I felt like including this one because the fact that this is Silver Surfer we're talking about makes it even funnier. Rolfe admitted at the end of the review that he is not aware of the character's powers, but even without that knowledge he felt like he should be "pretty strong". And in this case, pretty strong is quite an understatement. Making a proper, challenging game about someone like Wolverine is tough. About Silver Surfer? It boarders on impossible (sorry, I'm a sucker for puns).

As such, expect to die. A lot. You have to have lightning fast reflexes and pay attention to everything like a gaming Sherlock Holmes to navigate through the levels without getting killed, because you can't count on Silver Surver's nigh-invincibility this time. Walls, floors, and ceilings are also kryptonite to Silver Surfer's Superman, so there are barely any safe zones on the screen. The only way to make sure you won't die a few dozen times is staying away from the game.

If it were up to this Silver Surfer, Galactus would have starved to death eons ago.


5. Justice League Heroes: The Flash - Flash's Speed Isn't Very Speedy; destroys Keystone City property

5 Games That Used Popular Heroes In Incredibly Uncharacteristic Ways

The Source Material: The Flash (Wally West) is The Fastest Man Alive! This speedster can move so fast that the human eye can't register his movements, making it look like he's teleporting. He can also keep up paces comparable to light speed for long periods of time, meaning he has incredible endurance to match his speed. Personality-wise, despite being a comic relief character, he is deceptively wise, often being the voice of reason in the Justice League. Upbeat, happy-go-lucky and always in control, Wally represents the very idea of what a hero should be like. In his own words: "People need us. We help them."

The Game: It's an okay beat-em-up for the Game Boy Advance, nothing special and it can get boring pretty fast. Flash is unusually sluggish here, only capable of short dashes of slightly increased speed, and even that runs out very fast, so players have to think carefully when to use this power. He can call for aid from JL teammates Superman, Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter, but they only show up for a few seconds to wipe out a few on-screen enemies. Put that together with Flash's meh Speed Force (Meh Force?) and the distinct lack of Batman, Green Lantern and Hawkgirl and the only conclusion we can draw is that, for some reason, the Justice League is really half-assing the whole "superhero thing" this time.