WB just announced that there would be a new game in the Batman Arkham series this year - since all moderately successful videogame action franchises are now required to have annual installments. The game's called "Arkham Knight" (as revealed on Game Informer), since they kinda wrote themselves into a corner putting "Arkham" at the front of every subtitle, regardless of whether Arkham figures prominently into the game.

Let's look at what the following years will bring to the series.

  • 2015: Arkham Crusader
  • 2016: Arkham World
  • 2017: Arkham...Batman?
  • 2018: Arkham Ops 2
  • 2019: Arkham Whatever
  • 2020: Arkham Ham-Ark - There's A Boat Made of Ham Or Something I Dunno

Here's the trailer for the upcoming Bat-game - featuring the Penguin, Two-Face, Harley Quinn, and IRONIC PAPA WAYNE NARRATION: