If you're not living the life of an excess-driven Manhattanite sociopath like Patrick Bateman in American Psycho, there's a chance that business cards just don't grab you in the same way it does people who are really into listening to Huey Lewis while chopping up Oscar-winners.

Enter technical designer Kevin Bates - whose business card is a FUNCTIONING TETRIS GAME.



"Look at that subtle off-purple coloring. The tasteful thickness of it (1.6 mm). Oh, my God. It even has Capacitive Input Buttons."


The platform of this tiny, business card-sized Game Boy is called Arduboy - and it can theoretically be programmed to play pretty much any game you could play on the original Game Boy - INCLUDING POKEMON (assuming someone can program it themselves and give it a name and design that won't get Nintendo's lawyers all riled up).