Indie Game Crawl Has The Most Epic Trailer Youve Ever Seen


This game seems to have all of the indie game essentials, including:

  • Theatrical, British narration that completely sells the gameplay and narrative that otherwise wouldn't look all that impressive
  • Retro, pixel-based graphics that are a little TOO pixel-y
  • Weird gameplay gimmick that helps differentiate the game (asymmetrical multiplayer)
  • Simple title that invokes old tropes of gaming
  • Will probably be available for free in a Humble Bundle in 6 months (that's just us assuming though)



All in all, it looks pretty spectacular - the game is called 'Crawl' and features an interesting spin on multiplayer: one player is the hero, hacking and slashing his way through a dungeon - the other three players are restless spirits, possessing various creatures or traps and attempting to kill the hero. The twist - when one of them kills the hero, they BECOME the hero, and the former hero becomes a restless spirit. It's like some kind of Lovecraftian nightmare by way of Kafka, which just happens to make it a pretty fun sounding indie game.

Here's a link to its Steam Greenlight page, if you're into that sort of thing.