Twitch Plays Pokemon: Gold Version

Those maniacs at Twitch Plays Pokemon - not content with their original experiment, which lasted about 400 consecutive hours - have begun a game of Pokemon Crystal. For people invested in this (which includes: people with the willpower and patience to actually participate in this, and exhausted internet writers who would like to not be doing this on a Sunday morning) this feels a little soon - it started a mere 24 hours after the completion of Pokemon Red. But the game is afoot, so GET YOUR ENGINES REVVED FOR SLOW, CHAOTIC PROGRESS!


For a complete guide to the first generation of Twitch Plays Pokemon, click here.



One major change - the tug-of-war mode for Anarchy vs. Democracy has been modified - Democracy Mode will automatically be put into effect at the top of every hour, and will return to Anarchy once enough votes roll in. Thus far, Democracy Mode has rarely lasted more than a few minutes. If TPP loves one thing, it's Anarchy (well, the frustrating "watch a videogame sprite fumble around like an insane person" style of Anarchy at least, not the punk-rock kind).

The main character' is a boy, and - because baffling names that can be vaguely translated into memorable nicknames are essential in this - is named AJDNNW (nicknamed "A.J. Downey"). AJ chose Totodile as his starting Pokemon in this sure-to-be nightmare journey, but didn't give it a nickname (although the stream has named it "LazorGator"). His rival is Silver, which can't feel great. He's doomed to always be #2, even against a schizophrenic child shambling through Johto.

AJ Downey's party is:

  • LazorGator the Totodile (the attack animation for Leer looks like lasers)
  • "Brian" the Pidgey (players expect it to be the Messiah, it just wants everyone to leave it alone - Life of Brian-style)
  • Admiral the Sentret (real name "ADiiiiihhh")
  • Oxxy Ozworm the Caterpie (real name "OXXOZZ")
  • Wooper Goldberg the Wooper
  • Prince Omelette the Togepi

Here's the stream:

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If things continue like this, this could go through the generations for months. In the immortal words of the internet, I WANT TO GET OFF MR. BONES WILD RIDE.

But there is no getting off. This PokeTrain has left the station and is making zero stops. There are still upwards of 70,000 people watching (as of four hours in), so this is showing no signs of losing steam.