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IT HAPPENED: Twitch Beat Pokemon In


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After 377.5 hours, Twitch Plays Pokemon finally got through Victory Road and entered into the Elite 4 tournament of pain. What many feared would take months of work and struggle took a mere two weeks (which is still a pretty insane amount of time). The stream had over 30 MILLION views, with over 70,000 people watching.

The team fell to the ice-trainer (Lorelai) three times. But on the 4th attempt, they defeated her.

The team defeated the fighting-trainer (Bruno) the first try.

The team fell to the ghost-trainer (Agatha) the first try, but came back quickly and took her down for some swift vengeance.

The dragon-trainer (Lance) fought long and hard, but ultimately his Dragonite fell to the All-Terrain Venomoth (thanks to some well-timed poisoning).

ITS HAPPENING: Twitch Plays Pokemon Is Battling The Elite 4

The first attempt at the final battle with Blue was next. Of course, all that was left of the team was the All-Terrain Venomoth, who fell almost immediately to Blue's Anti-Abba-Jesus Pidgeot.

ITS HAPPENING: Twitch Plays Pokemon Is Battling The Elite 4


But Red and the players persisted, re-challenging the Elite 4, gaining levels, and slowly getting closer to their goal.




Then, at 391.75 hours in - Red defeated Blue, and became the Pokemon Champion of the world.








March 1st shall be remembered as the day Twitch Beat Pokemon. Never forget this day. This is our generation's moon landing.


ITS HAPPENING: Twitch Plays Pokemon Is Battling The Elite 4

via Tumblr what? According to the 24-hour countdown in the Twitch chat, "a new adventure will begin" pretty soon. Odds are, this is Twitch Plays Pokemon Gold/Silver. As someone who's been following this and updating for over two weeks now, let me just say DEAR GOD NO. GIVE US A WEEK'S BREAK, PLEASE.

IT HAPPENED: Twitch Beat Pokemon In Under 400 Hours