Like the pine trees lining the winding road, you've got a name. You've got a name. This week on Pwn Up, we wanted you to share the stories behind your gamertags, RPG characters, and any other psuedonym used for nerdy adventuring. If you have a moment so nerdy that you need to tell the Internet about it, we want you to send your submissions to dorklypwnup at gmail.



Pwn Up: Say My Name

I always, in literally every game I play, name my character "Rook". I started doing this because my brother, sister, and I would always watch the 90's classic 3 Ninjas and then run around the house pretending to be the main characters. When I saw this week's topic I decided to re-watch this important piece of my childhood and I came to a bleak realization. Years of my identity was based on a VERY mediocre movie, and there was no character named "Rook" in the whole movie. There was somenone named Rocky, and my siblings never corrected me once. If only Colt or Tum-tum were here to help me cope.




Pwn Up: Say My Name

When I first got an xbox (the original one) I was still but a boy. Thus I wasn't allowed to mess with the settings and my xbox live account had all the parental locks engage. Soo my mum set up the file for me and not knowing how to work electronics what so ever, didn't know how to type the name i wanted for my gamer tag..thus I was stuck with a random generated name SAFESOLESTORM, yes everyone called me the s.s.s.

IT ONLY GOT WORSE, as I finally got a 360 I was super excited to transfer my account and be able to change the name! However my mom still had never removed the parental control locks, and for some unknown reason (me not thinking to call customer service) I couldn't change my name yet again to what I wanted, but was allowed to choose from a pool of auto generated names.

Once again i was stuck with a HIDEOUS name...literarily. I just picked one assuming I would be able to change the name freely later on (how naive i was, I'm sure u know it costs cash to change it) anyways the name was stuck as HideousFox.....for all eternity. It took a while to get used to being called hideous by every single player that has ever existed on xbox live, but it stuck with me so darned well it is now my steam name too.




Pwn Up: Say My Name

This is my first submission to Pwn Up, and I felt that this was a good story to tell. I play a lot of the MOBA Dota 2, which being on steam, allows people to have whatever name they want. I have my name as Tyrion Lannister, and it is always fun to have people make references about the shows and books while we play. I joined a game a few months ago, and to my utter shock, my team was comprised of me, Robb Stark, Catlyn Stark, Jon Snow, and Jaime Lannister. There was a bit of silence before we all realized what had happened. It turns out that we were actually 4 different parties and this was complete coincidences. The amount of Game of Thrones references was insane that game, and most of the other team got in on it as well. I will never forget killing the entire other team, and one of the other players saying, "The North will never forget."




My username is my actual nickname from school back in the day.
Phillip became Fillet
After that was boring, my friend arrived at Flip, Flippy, Floot, Floopy
THAT then horribly morphed into PHLOOOOOOOOOOOOO-P after Snoop's "Drop it like it's hot" polluted the airwaves.


So now I just use Phloop. It's usually not taken. And it doesn't contain any numbers.




[I'm just going to leave this here. -Ed.]



Pwn Up: Say My Name

image via MoonlitxReverie

I call myself "Misfire" because I can't shoot. Little did I know, in the minds of the internet, Misfire=Miss Fire. Boyyy did I get a lot of creepy messages/confessions/PMs from girls who were skeeved out by the creepy dudes. Every single time, I would have to awkwardly explain that I was, in fact, male, so please stop sending me PMs asking for Skype chats/confessing your darkest perversions/asking me what girls like. 

Then, of course, were the people who constantly made erectile dysfunction jokes. Shoulda seen them, *ahem,* coming.

-Someone who is thinking about making it "Mr. Fire."


For next week, we want to hear about times when you took a big risk. Did you quit your job to become a game developer? Have you ever told your secret crush how you really felt? Have you ever done something so crazy that you still can't believe you actually went for it? Send them to for a segment we're calling Pwn Up: Risky Business.