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The Complete Guide to Twitch Plays Pokemon UPDATING

Red stuck to his guns - 8 hours of day 15 were spent grinding the Pokemon up levels. That's an incredible amount of focus and preparation for a few tens of thousands of people who just want to yell about the Helix Fossil and declare anarchy so often that the word loses all meaning.

The fates must have viewed this dedication favorably, because when Red finally challenged the Victory Road ledge again, it was defeated within minutes. MINUTES.

The victory was short-lived though - soon, Red was knocked out and banished back to Cinnabar Island. This was probably for the best, since: a. it offered a chance for more grinding, which the players needed, and b. Victory Road is filled with Strength puzzles that are incredibly tough to manage with the controls in Twitch Plays Pokemon, and the longer the players can hide from that fact, the better.

The grinding would continue for the rest of the day - but breaking up the monotony was the glorious event, foretold many millenia ago.

Lord Helix evolved into its final form - LORD OMASTAR!!!

The Complete Guide to Twitch Plays Pokemon UPDATING


If only it could use Strength.



The Complete Guide to Twitch Plays Pokemon UPDATING

The newly-attained Lord Omastar smiled kindly  upon the players, because mere minutes into Day 16, Red crossed the Victory Road ledge AGAIN. 

It's going to be a long journey - frought with peril, boulders, and...more boulders. Ugh.

So instead of recapping every inch forward and back the players make, please enjoy this:

The Complete Guide to Twitch Plays Pokemon UPDATING

                                                                                                                                                   via Reddit


The Complete Guide to Twitch Plays Pokemon UPDATING

Long story short: within 17 hours, Victory Road was defeated, and the players were onto the Elite 4.

The battles went back and forth - but after a few attempts, the players had made it to the last member of the Elite 4: Dragon Trainer Lance. It all came down to ATV vs. Dragonite - and ALL-TERRAIN VENOMOTH WON (as moths are obviously stronger than dragons).

The Complete Guide to Twitch Plays Pokemon UPDATING

Next up: battle to be the Pokemon champion, Blue.

Naturally, with only Venomoth left, Blue destroyed Red immediately.

Thus began the cycle that would continue for the rest of the day - Red and the players would battle through the Elite 4 and Blue, always failing somewhere and getting knocked out. Maybe they tried using Sand Attack one too many times, maybe they became a little too enthralled with the cry of a Bulbasaur to focus on battling. The point is: The Elite 4 isn't an impossible challenge - but it's pretty tough when you only have the slightest level of control over your strategy and zero capability to use potions.



The Complete Guide to Twitch Plays Pokemon UPDATING

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"Victory Road" is a pretty ironic name, all things considered. There's still the biggest challenge in the game to get to RIGHT AFTER IT - and unless you come seriously prepared, odds are you're going to lose once or twice. "Prepare For Repeated Defeat Road" would be a more appropriate name, but that really just doesn't have the same ring to it.

The challenging of the Elite 4 went on for some time - nearly 20 attempts. But then it came down to it - Red had defeated Lance with his team mostly good-to-go (AIR was sadly knocked out earlier). He was in a position to finally give Blue a run for his money.

And it happened - here's a video of the battle:

Battery Jesus was facing off with Blue's final Pokemon (his Blastoise). With everything on the line, Zapdos used Thundershock - and the powerful blast of electricity surged through Blastoise's weak, watery frame, and knocked him cold.

Early in the morning of March 1st, 2014 - after over 391 hours of gametime - Red had defeated Blue and been made the Pokemon Champion.

In other words...


The Complete Guide to Twitch Plays Pokemon UPDATING

After hundreds of hours of struggle by tens of thousands of people, the internet had accomplished the impossible: beating Pokemon Red.

They struggled through the spinning nightmare of the Team Rocket Hideout.

They forged through the ghost maelstrom of the Pokemon Tower.

They battled through the nightmare of Trying To Use Cut on a Tree.

They moved past the PC terror of Bloody Sunday.

But most importantly, they overcame themselves. They overcame the inherent madness of tens of thousands of people all typing in commands simultaneously and without a huge regard for strategy. They corraled the mob towards progress and victory. They did it.

This is a day that shall never be forgotten - Helix Day is our generation's moon landing.

The Complete Guide to Twitch Plays Pokemon UPDATING

But perhaps this was only the beginning - the cryptic message left on Twitch after the victory was that "a new adventure will begin" in 24 hours. Speculation has it (obviously) as Twitch Plays Pokemon Gold & Silver. A new chapter, to be filled with new gods and new memes.

But for now, Twitch Plays Pokemon is over. Praise Helix.