Over the past week or so, the app Flappy Bird has exploded in popularity. It's practically all anyone talks about (when they're not tapping Flappy the Flappy Bird between the pipes of the Fushroom Kingdom that is!). But what if we told you that much of the game's art assets and gameplay were stolen?

See if you can spot what was stolen:

Definitive PROOF That Flappy Bird Is Stolen

Done yet? Pretty obvious, we think. Look at this - it's very blatantly and unapologetically stolen from one of the most popular and endearing games in history. How could the creator have thought he could get away with such blatant plagiarism? Look at the pipes, for pete's sake!

How could he think we wouldn't notice that this whole thing was stolen from the beloved videogame classic, Smarcle Flyer?

Definitive PROOF That Flappy Bird Is Stolen

Obvious parallels:

  • Flappy Bird's 'original' green pipes are clearly just cheap re-colorings of Smarcle Flyer's classic brick pipes.

  • The titular Flappy Bird (unofficially nicknamed 'Cheep-Cheep') is pretty blatantly stolen from Smarcle Flyer's main character, Smario.

  • The musical chime you hear when going between pipes in Flappy Bird? Totally knockin' off Smarcle Flyer's incredibly memorable "mariobroscoinsound.wav" sound effect.

Why the company behind Smarcle Bird hasn't sued yet is anyone's guess. But this certainly isn't going to help their struggling console sales for the WeeOoo.


Definitive PROOF That Flappy Bird Is Stolen

UPDATE: Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen has announced he will soon be pulling the app. No reason was given, but we have to imagine it was due to this incredibly incisive and damning exposé.