This week on Pwn Up, we asked to hear about the nerdy, geeky, and otherwise socially-awkward romances you've had or are currently in. If you have a moment so nerdy that you need to tell the Internet about it, we want you to send your submissions to dorklypwnup at gmail 

Pwn Up: Romance of the Three Geekdoms
When my boyfriend and I first met, he introduced me to League of Legends, one of his favorite games.  I sucked hard (of course) but he stuck with me until we were taking on ranked games together.  Every day we would come home from work and play a game (or 7) until we went to bed.  We called this "spending time together" (SPOILER ALERT: it wasn't) and he would give me advice on how to improve my game.  One day, it happened - I mastered a position that he didn't play often, so when he played it I would give HIM advice... and the fights started.  My boyfriend finally uninstalled the game because he feared for our relationship.  And that's how I unintentionally made my boyfriend quit a game he had played for years and spent hundreds of dollars on.  True love right there!
Pwn Up: Romance of the Three Geekdoms

Every time someone asks me how I met my boyfriend, I always blush a little bit, because it seems really trashy: we met at Walmart, where I was working as a cashier. He would come in every Sunday, because he knew I would be working and go through my line. He would purposely stall if he saw I wasn't cashiering, and even if I had the longest line he would still wait, just for a few awkward exchanges. In turn, every Sunday I would run back to my dorm room and tell my roommate how, "The cute boy with gauges came through my line again" totally oblivious to the fact that he thought I was cute but couldn't figure out how to flirt with me. After all, Walmart isn't the most romantic place in the world. After a few weeks I got the hint, gave him my name to look up on Facebook with his receipt, and after some awkward online flirting we met up at my apartment for a date.

He brought over Monty Python and the Holy Grail, a movie which never stops being funny, and before the movie was even over we had moved to my bedroom for other activities. I lost my virginity to Monty Python... 

It's been five years and we are still together. 



Pwn Up: Romance of the Three Geekdoms

My boyfriend and I made plans to go to the first Orion festival (Metallica) in Atlantic City, NJ in 2012.  We both like silly/stupid t-shirts.  I decided it would be super awesome for me to make us his and her t-shirts for the festival.  Did I make band shirts?  Nooooo..... Did I make shirts that had anything to do with the damn music festival?  Of course not!  I thought it would be cute to make Juggernaut shirts!  His said "I'm The Juggernaut, BITCH!"  and mine said "I'm the Juggernaut's BITCH!" Funny, right? WRONG. We wore them proudly together to the first day of the fest and NO ONE GOT IT.  We got several WTF's and a whole lot of stink eye, but not one single nod or thumbs up.  Too bad.  I thought we were the shit.




Pwn Up: Romance of the Three Geekdoms

So I first started talking to my (now) girlfriend because she posted a picture of her new Wii on Facebook.  Assuming she was probably only into Wii Sports, I struck up a conversation and turns out she was using it to play Super Mario Bros 3 (one of my all time fav game) on the Virtual Console.  We started talking more and it turns out she is a huge old school gamer.  Anyways, the first time we actually hung out, it was fun-filled evening and all, but was highlighted by when I was showing her Pokemon X on my 3DS. Since I couldn't see the screen well from where I was sitting I put my arm around her and we cuddled a bit as she played. I officially asked her out right after that.




And this week's "PLEASE SEND A FOLLOW-UP E-MAIL" Award goes to...

Pwn Up: Romance of the Three Geekdoms  
It was very early during this school year, my 10th, that I noticed an amazing girl.  She was cute, witty, smart, and fun to chat with.  After awhile I realized she was a HUGE fan of my favorite TV show, Doctor Who (which really shouldn't have surprised me as much it did.  She had TARDIS blue hair after all.  TARDIS BLUE!).  It was then I knew for a fact that this girl was absolutely fantastic in every way!
By this time, the Homecoming hype was starting up. And I became determined to ask this seemly impossible girl to the dance, but I couldn't do by straight out asking her.  No, I had to think of a more creative way to ask her.  A way that fit her perfectly.....
After much surfing online, I finally found something.  A tiny printable version of the TARDIS that anyone could put together with a few folds and some scissors (shown above).  But what could go inside? A poem.  Something short and sweet with lots of colors and pictures relating to the show.  Something should could read over and over and smile at, just as she made me smile whenever we spoke with each other.
When it was all finally completed and ready to be given, I admit I was shaking out of both fear and excitement.  I managed to give her the gift at the end of the next class, but ran of the room from pure panic before I got an answer.  I gave her the gift on a Friday, meaning I wouldn't see her again until Tuesday.  After a worry-filled weekend, I got my answer.
She politely declined.  I would later find out that she already had a boyfriend.  A friendly and caring star member of my school's football team, no less.  (They later broke up, but I have no clue why.  My guess is that she's really a Timelady hiding out after the war, and having a famous boyfriend was going to blow her cover...)
However, that's not the most nerdy romantic thing I've done involving her.  In truth, the nerdiest thing I've done is write this story for Pwn Up, and, if everything goes according to plan, post a link to it on her Facebook page, while including this poem:
Though I may not be the Doctor, 
I still need a companion.
Though I try to hide it,
The feelings I have for you are bigger on the inside than it shows on the outside.
Though this may be the nerdiest thing I've ever done,
keep calm and don't blink as I ask you the most important in the whole universe:
Will you go out with me?

Good luck with that, Joseph. Don't think any romances have ever started due to a Pwn Up entry (several have definitely been ENDED, but that's a whole 'nother story), so this would be a real feather in our caps (also, it'd probably be cool for you or whatever). Anyway - for next week, we're looking for stories about your worst experiences in online gaming. We're talking World of Warcraft, Xbox Live, and - hell - even Doom battles over dial-up. Send us your stories for Pwn Up: MMO Money, MMO Problems.