1. Mario

    Hey nerd.

  2. Luigi

    Mario, I am sick of your attitude.

  3. Mario

    Psh. Whatever. I'm a hero, okay? You're a side-kick.

  4. Luigi

    Listen, I conquered a haunted mansion. Why does no one remember that? I saved your life from ghosts.

  5. Mario

    Hey bro, I was too busy exploring the galaxy, right? Am I right?

  6. Luigi

    You can't even hurt Boos man. I've seen you, with fire-flowers, stars, nothing. I eradicated a haunted mansion while you were Super Mario Sunshine-ing.

  7. Mario

    Yeah, well-

  8. Luigi

    Super Mario Sunshine? Come on. That sounds like an off-brand poorly translated detergent.

  9. Mario

    Woah, bro. Slow clap for that.

  10. Luigi

    Okay, seriously man, you're just being a jerk. You always do that,

  11. Mario

    Jealous much, dweeb?

  12. Luigi

    Keep pushing me, Mario. Keep going.

  13. Mario

    What are you gonna do? Oh, and even Wario's had some games, you know. And no one likes Wario.

  14. Luigi

    Hey Mario, where do you think all the Koopa Kids come from?

  15. Mario


  16. Luigi

    Cause there isn't a Mrs.Bowser. It's an interesting question, isn't it?

  17. Mario


  18. Luigi

    Princess Peach sure is kidnapped a lot.

  19. Mario

    I don't know what you're-

  20. Luigi

    Sure takes you a while to go through all those castles, too. Almost what, nine, ten months sometimes?

  21. Mario

    …I think I'm going to be sick…

  22. Luigi

    Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to Princess Daisy who doesn't get knocked up by my greatest foe.

  23. Mario

    You monster. I'll never forgive you for this.

  24. Pause.

  25. Luigi

    Want to race carts?

  26. Mario

    Yeah, sure.