This week on Pwn Up, we asked to hear about the "WTF Moments" that still leave you shaking your head. If you have a moment so nerdy that you need to tell the Internet about it, we want you to send your submissions to dorklypwnup at gmail 
In university I took a principles of law class which I really enjoyed. I put a lot of effort in studying for the endterm but I got an average grade. My professor offered me a lifeline in the form of a single oral exam that would boost my whole GPA if I did well enough. I had never taken an oral exam before in my life so I had no idea what to expect. I was extremely nervous. 
As she started asking me questions I was beginning to struggle and I could tell it wasn't going well. I wasn't going to get the high grade. Then she told me she had a young son who collected pokemon cards and he had recently been tricked because a kid traded a common card for one of his holo-rares. She asked me, "As a lawyer, how would you solve this dispute?"
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I was shocked, of all the things she could have asked about, Pokemon cards were my favorite things in the world at the time (and I still play today). I had encountered this situation myself where I traded my Geodude for a holo Machamp back in elementary school, tricking another kid, and had to subsequently return it after I was told off by the teacher and parents. Not to mention that I had witnessed many other situations like this. I began elaborating in extreme detail about all the possible options of going about the problem, both in the schoolyard among us kids, and with adults involved.
She was very impressed, and gave me a solid 8/10 for my oral exam.
That was definitely the strangest experience from my university days, the time Pokemon got me the best grade in the class that semester.
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So, I played a lot of Red Orchestra Ostfront  (a"realistic" WWII online shooter) back in the day and it's still one of my favorite games of all time. Well, one day I was out in a field and as I looked down my scope I could see two Germans. As I smiled and readied the shot one of them freaked out and shot the other by accident. His friend, suprised by this, turned and hit his friend with his rifle butt. What then followed was a fist-fight which ended in one of them pulling out a grenade and threatening his friend with it. However, his grenade was being "cooked" and it exploded after around 6 seconds. As I mourned the loss, of two of the most stupid beings I had ever seen, a tank rolled over me.
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image via: Jason Kraft

So a really nice WTF moment for me, occurred while playing an online battle of Halo 3, there we were a bunch of unknowing guys, trash talking and making dirty jokes about moms. What can go wrong?

So after some battles, some player was T-bagging another player, when the t-bagger shouted: "In your face, fucker!" In a high-pitched girly voice, revealing her gender to the server. Obviously people began to attack her and smack talk with such Xbox classics like "Let's f...k, you're a b...tch!" etcetera.

After a few minutes of this that, one kid killed her Spartan and shouted: "Yeah! Take that, go make me a sandwich!" and she just said: "I already did, check your kitchen".


To this day, I don't know whether it was a troll god or cruel destiny, but  apparently the guy's mom had made him a sandwich before leaving him home alone, so after a couple of minutes, he shrieked, horrified: "How did you do that? There's a sandwich in my house and I'm alone, how did you..." He must have forgotten the fact of the mic on his head, because we heard everything for 5 minutes as he ran around his house, terrified, trying to find the sandwich bandit that he thought had broken into his house.


I have never laughed so hard during a videogame since that epic moment.





[When we asked for "WTF" moments, we were expecting some really grotesque stories. The kinds of bizarre nightmare scenarios that we would never forget no matter how much we spent on therapy. Yet, you guys kept it mostly tame. This last story is the one that had us going "WTF" because we still have no idea why you'd want to share this story. We present it to you unedited. -Ed.]


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So it was the beginning of winter break and I had a few friends over and as most people do, we got hungry. So we're making our move on the kitchen, I'm offering this and that and my friend just keeps knocking the miscellaneous food on the ground. Eventually I get fed up and toss a bunch of those chicken nugget dipping sauces at him (my dad left em there after his mickey-dee's run earlier). All the packets miss and hit the wall behind him, splattering a little bit of BBQ and Honey Mustard on the tiles. One of my friends is laughing his a$$ off and the other decides he's going to make pretend throw-up noises, and actually proceeds to throw up in the sink.
After this beautiful debacle he stumbles backward laughing and proceeds to stomp on one of the Honey Mustard packets, sending a giant line of Honey Mustard across my dad's freshly cleaned carpeting, needless to say we're all laughing hysterically while I'm attempting to clean up this stain. 
The next day I was murdered by my dad. The End
R.I.P. Shveinn, and thanks for sending your story from beyond the grave. For next week, Valentine's Day is around the corner and we should set the mood with some  tales of nerdy, awkward romance. Have some photos from your geeky wedding? Have you asked someone out on a date because of their Star Wars T-shirt? Did you and your SO meet at a DDR tournament? We want to hear about it in PWN UP: Romance of the Three Geekdoms.