There's a game out (sorta) called Rust - it's an 'early access' alpha-stage game-in-progress that works sort of as a mix between Minecraft and DayZ. Like Minecraft, crafting is a major factor in the game - you gather resources to make shelter, weapons, food, clothing, and everything else. And like DayZ, there are a billion other people trying to murder you all the time for no reason. Also, there are zombies, but odds are they won't bother you too much.

Here's how the game starts: you're dropped off at a random point on an enormous map, completely naked, and with only a rock, a torch, and some bandages as your supplies. If you put in a lot of time and get extremely lucky, you can reach a point where you have a decent-sized fort, food, ample-weaponry, and even clothes. However, the world of Rust is dog-eat-dog, and there are always going to be other players looking to rob you and murder you for pretty much no reason at all.

Luckily, there's a feature that strangers cannot open doors you've created. Which is nice and all, except they can explode them with C4.

Let's meet the Leonidas of our story: a simple player in a modest little shelter, just running a few furnaces and minding his own business. When from out of nowhere, a group of bandits knocked on his door ("knocked" with gunshots), demanding he come out and give them his supplies.

Instead of giving in to the enormous gang of murderous assholes - he suited up, grabbed some guns and grilled chicken, and - like Kevin McCallister before him - prepared to defend his home all by himself.



Incredibly, he survived the assault and walked away victorious, erecting a new door to replace the exploded one. That alone would be a pretty incredible story - but it's only half. Here's what the bandits saw:


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The bandits were...slightly less competent than they initially appeared (everyone but the bomber seemed to think the smart move would have been to blow up the side of the hut, not the front door) and scrambled to deal with the god-like prowess of their intended victim (with a few of them hilariously assuming he was "hacking" and had "god-mode" on).

So let this be a lesson to you, assholes of Rust: be careful who you mess with. They might just be a virtual Bruce Willis trying to fix his marriage, and you might end up being Hans Gruber.