5. A Guide To Understanding New Pokemon Games (For People Who Haven't Played Since the Original Games)

A Guide To Understanding New Pokemon Games For People Who Havent Played Since the Original Games


4. Don Mattrick's First Draft of the Xbox One Update Announcement


3. The 7 Hottest Cosplays EVER!

The 7 Hottest Cosplays Ever

Here's the secret of cosplays everywhere: they have the potential to be HOT. I mean, really really hot. Some of the hottest stuff you'll ever encounter will be the elaborate cosplays worn by the bodacious babes and bros at conventions across the world. And we've gathered the 7 hottest of the hot. You can practically feel the heat!


Ironhide and Bumblebee

The 7 Hottest Cosplays Ever

Oh damn - check out these two hotties! These elaborate Transformers cosplays can get up to 110 degrees (F) thanks to substandard design. More like AutoHOTS!



The 7 Hottest Cosplays Ever

Diablo knows the fires of Hell very well - especially in this unbelievably hot cosplay! This thing's mostly aluminum and foam, which doesn't breathe well at all. Everyone'll be turning their heads when strolling by this cosplay at a local convention and thinking "I bet urinating is quite the chore!" Sizzlin'!


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2. EA's Response To Being Named 'The Worst Company in America'

EAs Reponse To Being Named The Worst Company in America - Image 2


1. Some Concerns About Sauron's Battle Plan

Some Concerns About Saurons Battle Plan - Image 3